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Why the CWS is right for you
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Why the CWS is right for you
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Find a Certified Wound Specialist

New Certification for Physicians

AAWM is now offering a wound care certification specifically developed for physicians. MDs, DOs and DPMs who are currently Certified Wound Specialists (CWS) are eligible to take the CWSP exam. First exam to be given in September. Click here for your application today!

AAWM Awards Dr. Joseph McCulloch as winner of AAWMs 2008 Video Contest. Click the video player to watch the !


New Exam Dates Are Posted

Upcoming Certified Wound Specialist Physician (CWSP) Exam

(Note: Open to AAWM Physicians Only)

September 11-25, 2010
CWSP Materials Here
Materials Deadline: August 6th (Application Fee: $750.00)
Late Registration: August 7th-August 27th ($50.00 Additional)

Upcoming CWS ™ Exam:
CWS Materials Here

April 10-24, 2010
Materials Deadline: February 26th
Late Registration: February 27th- March 12th ($50.00 Additional)

October 10-24, 2010
Materials Deadline: August 21st
Late Registration: August 22nd-September 4th ($50.00 Additional)

Upcoming CWCA® Exam Periods: CWCA Materials Here

February 13-27, 2010
Materials Deadline: December 18th
Late Registration: December 19th-January 8th ($50.00 Additional)

August 14-28, 2010
Materials Deadline: July 10th
Late Registration: July 11th- July 25th ($50.00 Additional)



CWS Accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the credentialing body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (Formerly the National Organization for Compentency Assurance)

Visit the web site | What is the NCCA



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