Who Are We?

The American Academy of Wound Management was founded in May 1995 as a not-for-profit 501c6 organization for the purpose of credentialling multidisciplinary practitioners in the field of wound management as Certified Wound Specialists. The AAWM board of advisors is an interdisciplinary panel of experts in the field of wound care consisting of practitioners, academicians, and researchers.

Click the following items for lists of AAWM's Board of Directors, Advisory Committee and current Certified Wound Specialists:

AAWM Board of Directors

AAWM Advisory Committee

Certified Wound Specialists Under Construction - Complete List Coming Soon!

The American Academy of Wound Management office is located at 1720 Kennedy Causeway, Ste 109, North Bay Village, FL 33141 To contact AAWM leaders or AWWM Administrative Manager Mike Freedman, phone (305) 866-9592, fax (305) 868-0905 or email woundnet@aol.com