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Wound Care Companies

Abbott Laboratories
For more than a century, Abbott Laboratories has been working to advance health care for people around the world. Founded by a young Chicago physician, Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott, in 1888, Abbott Laboratories has evolved into a diversified health care company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products and services that span the continuum of care – from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and cure.

AcryMed, Inc.
is a medical device company specializing in the development of wound care products based on AcryDerm, a unique combination of hydratable synthetic and natural polymers.

Amerx Health Care
provides skin care lotions and ointments designed for those persons suffering from poor circulation, diabetes and difficult to heal wounds.

Aqua Guard is a simple and easy to apply supplemental dressing that protects wounds and dressings so your patients can shower. Aqua Guard is clear so you can monitor the dressing or wound site and it is produced with latex-free adhesive. Aqua Guard protects the patient while they are showering from moisture which significantly reduces the chances of infection. It comes in a wide variety of sizes so you select the right size for the exact use and application. Aqua Guard saves time and frustration for the patient and the health care provider. It provides protection for both the patient and the health care professional. For more information:

Argentum Medical, LLC
Argentum Medical currently manufactures a wide array of Advanced Antimicrobial Wound Care Products, Cardiovascular Surgical Wound Dressings, and Burn Care Products under the Silverlon ® brand name. - Hospital & Bariatric Equipment
On the internet or at 888-725-7412.

Carrington Labs Wound Care Product Line
CarraSorbTM M. CarraSorbTM M is a state-of-the-art, sterile, preservative-free, freeze-dried gel with Aloe vera gel extract containing acemannan....

Catskill Regional Medical Center

ConvaTec's Wound & Skin Care Homepage
A comprehensive system of Wound & Skin Care products is now a vital part of the new spectrum of solutions available from ConvaTec.

Crown Therapeutics, Inc.
In the past, ROHO, Inc. and Crown Therapeutics, Inc. have focused on separate products and markets. ROHO, Inc. offered, to its dealers, a full range of Dry Floatation seating and positioning products, while Crown Therapeutics, Inc. provided the acute care market with ROHO Dry Floatation Mattress Systems and O.R. products. Now, through the U.S. market alliance of the two companies, Crown Therapeutics has the entire body covered.

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Curative Wound Care Center
A searchable listing of Wound Care Centers and Wound Management Programs managed by Curative Health Services.

Derma Sciences, Inc. - Wound Care Therapeutics - Got Zinc?
Derma Sciences provides Sprays, Ointments and Dressings for chronic non-healing skin ulcerations; pressure, venous stasis, and diabetic ulcers, surgical

Electromedical Resources, Inc.
has provided (direct, dealer, distributor) specialized products to the rehab community for over 15 years. The companyprovides most types of wound care products both direct to patients and prepacks to physician's offices. ERI is also the exclusive distributor for the MANStim (muscle and /or peripheral nerve stim) proven to be the most effective elctrical stim, both home and clinical, for increased blood flow, microcirculation and accellerated wound

Ferndale Labs
Striving to provide unique dermatology based products for the underlying causes of skin breakdown which lead to advance stage wounds. AAWM is thanks Ferndale Labs for its support as AAWM's newest sponsor. Visit the Ferndale web site at

Ferris Manufacturing
16 W. 300 83rd Street, Burr Ridge, IL 60521 Phone (630) 887-9797 Fax (630) 887-1008

Footcare Group

Provides gait and pressure analysis forceplate technology and precsription foot orthotics.  Usining the Footmaxx system, practitioners can screen diabetic patients for present and potential plantar ulcer sites.

Genetic Labs Wound Care, Inc.
Genetic Labs Wound Care, Inc. 2126 Patton Rd. Roseville, MN 55113 Phone: (612) 633-0805 FAX: (612) 633-3188 Contact: Jim Thompson, President.

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Hill-Rom Services, Inc.
Hill-Rom is a leader in the worldwide health care community providing innovative patient care systems and solutions.

The Hymed Group
1890 Bucknell DriveBethlehelm, PA 18015, Phone 610-865-9876 Fax 610-691-5930 Contact: Anita M. Petito Product or service: HyCure(tm) -A natural hydrolyzed protein powder (collagen), is an interactive dressing, wound filler and exudate absorber. It is indicated for the management of chronic and acute wounds and skin ulcers.

Integrity Medical Devices, Inc
Develops, manufactures, and markets worldwide, a full line of
non-adhering impregnated gauze and wound care dressings. Integrity's
products are used in hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, nursing
homes, rehab clinics, emergency medical services, and in the physician's

Kendall Wound Care
Wound Care. Kendall is the recognized market leader in hospital wound care products, with a leadership position built on dressing brands.

Knoll Pharmaceutical

Sells alternative, non-invasive, non-drug technologies to both medical professionals and end-users of the products, including 2540 angstroms tens wound care, Decubitus Ulcers natural healing, ultraviolet-c wound healing alternative health equipment, TENS wound care.

Medline Industries
covers the entire spectrum of wound care products and is the sole distributor of the new Arglaes antimicrobial film dressing by Maersk Medical LTD.

NU-GEL Collagen Wound Gel
NU-GEL* Collagen Wound Gel. NU-GEL* Collagen Wound Gel is a hydrogel containing collagen designed to provide a moist wound enviroment and encourage...

Ocean Medical Industries
has formed alliances with several wound care oriented companies so that we can offer the customer a convenient, single source, for all of their Wound Care needs ranging from facility set-up to building and installing multi-place, hyperbaric chambers.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted marketing clearance for REGRANEX® Gel, the first biologic proven to increase the incidence of complete healing in diabetic foot ulcers. When used as an adjunct to good ulcer care, REGRANEX Gel is indicated for the treatment of lower extremity diabetic neuropathic ulcers that extend into the subcutaneous tissue or beyond and have an adequate blood supply. Diabetic foot ulcers are one of the most difficult types of wounds to heal. This new topical gel, which contains genetically-engineered platelet-derived growth factor, is the first prescription biologic that actively stimulates the body to grow new tissue to heal these wounds. REGRANEX Gel was developed by the R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute and will be marketed in the United States by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. Both are Johnson & Johnson companies headquartered in Raritan, N.J.

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Remes Biomedical
We have developed a quantitative, computerized method for assesing scars. Remes is focused on Biocompatibility Research & Testing.

ROHO, Inc.
100 Florida AvenueBelleville, IL 62221-5429Phone (618) 277-9150 Fax: 618-277-6518 Email Contact: Julie Petry, Marketing Assistant Product/ServicesROHO, Inc. is the manufacurer of DRY FLOATATION (R) cushioning products in a variety of standard and custom sizes and models to address total seating needs and maximum protection against skin breakdown.

Sherwood - Davis & Geck 1915 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103 Email:
Contact: Scott R. King, Senior Market Manager - Wound CareProduct /Services:Sherwood & Davis Geck is a full-line manufacturer of high-quality, cost-effective products designed to improve patient outcomes. The Dermacea tm)wound and skin care product line includes a wide variety of well recognized, inniovative products, including Vaseline (R) Petroleum Gauze, VOE (R) Dressing, Ultec {R) Hydrocolloids and Viasorb (R) Wound Dressing.

Smith and Nephew Wound Care Site
Alginates | Foams | Hydrocolloids | Hydrogels | Scar Therapy | Venous Leg Uclers | Wound Gels. Home | Wound Care | Skin Care | I.V. Care | Coffee Break |..

Starline Medical Wound Care Page
Starline Sterile Sponges. Sterile 1's. 2x2 12 ply #1458513. 3x3 12 ply, #1458516. 4x4 12 ply, #1458519. Sterile 2's. 4x4 8 ply, #145315. 4x4 12 ply,...

With a unique combination of products, technologies and services, STERIS Corporation is an acknowledged leader in the global fight against infection and contamination.

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Your Akron General Wound Center
The Wound Center. Akron General Medical Center. Providing specialized treatment for your hard-to-heal wounds. (330) 376-HEAL (4325) Fax: (330) 996-2992....

Wound Care Consultants
Our physicians are dedicated to caring for people with wounds that have resisted healing. Our wound care program stresses the basics of common sense medical and surgical care combined with the most advanced wound care.

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