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Why you should become a CWCA®


“Becoming a CWCA® has opened doors for me. As the owner of an independent nursing consulting business, I have gained recognition and respect as a skilled and credentialed wound nurse, instilling comfort in my patients and boosting my career with opportunities to conduct clinical research in the specialty of wound care.”

Jen Agosti, RN, CWCA, AACWS, Owner and President of Wound Sharks, Inc.

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Who is Eligible?

  • Any professional with at least three (3) years of experience and high school diploma. Elevate your status as a specialist in wound care.
  • Become recognized as a healthcare professional with specialized knowledge of wounds
  • Demonstrate a dedication to the highest standards in wound care
  • Cooperate and exchange resources with the disciplines and organizations involved in wound care
  • Gain professional pride and growth
  • Advance your career

“The CWCA® certification is highly regarded among employers, patients and the greater healthcare community. We congratulate the CWCAs in their hard work and dedication to elevating the practice of wound care.”
-Cynthia A. Fleck, RN, BSN, ET/WOCN, CWS, DNC, FACCWS

Quotes from CWCA’s

“As a registered nurse in long term care, I must be able to work autonomously. Physicians need to trust my wound assessment as well as my treatment choices. With the credentials CWCA® and knowing what it entails to attain those initials next to my name, my judgment is well respected.”

Jennifer Oakley RN WCC CWCA
Stamford, NY

“I know that education and credentials are the hallmark of clinical credibility. My job title as Nurse Manager of an Outpatient/Inpatient Wound Healing and Hyperbaric program holds an unspoken and spoken expectation of clinical knowledge in my specialty. While I continue my formal education, I knew that obtaining the CWCA® designation would give me the confidence to lead my team of wound care specialists. In addition, my commitment to pursuing this certification gave my team and colleagues a sense of my professional loyalty to continuing education and respect for literature.”

Denise Brenner, RN, CWCA
Morristown, NJ

“In my profession I go in to many LTC facilities and am responsible for wound evaluations and protocol suggestions for individual optimal care. I'm also responsible for educational activities for staff from CNA's to LPN's as well as RN's. I am currently a licensed Practical Nurse and prior to becoming certified in wound care I felt that maybe there was some doubt about an LPN educating an RN no matter how long my involvement in wound care. Since becoming certified it not only gives me a sense of personal pride but I think THE TITLE, also lends a little credence to my ability to share knowledge to any educational background regarding wound care. I sincerely thank you all at AAWM for helping me further my knowledge and credentials in a multifaceted field like wound care.”

Melody Hankins LPN, CWCA, AACCWS
Hohewald, TN




Why should you get your wound care certification through AAWM?

Walter Conlan, III
Florida Wound Care Doctors
Longwood, FL


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