Examination Set For October 4, 2023 in Denver 
Portfolio Process Ends June 30, 2023

The National Examination for Board Certification in Wound Management from the American Academy of Wound Management will be held October 4, 1999, during the 14th Annual Clinical Symposium on Wound Management in Denver, Colorado.

Qualified applicants for certification in wound management will be required to achieve a passing score on the examination to earn the designation Certified Wound Specialist (CWS).

The examination will be relevant to all health professionals involved in wound care, including Physicians, Nurses, and Therapists. Multidisiciplinary questions will cover the following topics related to wound management: General Knowledge, Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Therapeutics and Psychosocial.

To qualify for the three levels of certification available through the examination: the Diplomate level requires a doctorate degree from an accredited university and two years of clinical or research experience in wound care; the Fellow level requires a Master's degree in related health disciplines and two years of clinical or research experience in wound care; the Clinical Associate level requires five years of clinical or research experience and a Bachelor's degree or licensure in a related health discipline.

Liza Ovington, PhD, CWS, a prominent wound care leader and research chemist, was appointed by the American Academy of Wound Management to coordinate the development of the national examination. Dr. Ovington, President of Ovington & Associates, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a frequent author and speaker on wound care topics. She is a member of the board of directors of AAWM, editor of the Association for Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) newsletter, and a member of the Wound Healing Society.

Dr. Ovington is directing the AAWM Examination Committee, which currently has 14 volunteer CWS members from diverse geographic and specialty areas who are responsible for item writing. Committee members include: Richard Breitstein, DPM,CWS, (Tamarac, FL); Charles Gokoo, MD, CWS (Lewiston,TX); Lawrence Kollenberg, DPM, FACFAS, CWS, (Jacksonville,FL); Diane Krasner, PhD, RN, CETN, CWS, (Baltimore, MD); Suzanne Leaphart, RN, CWS (Ridgefield, CT); Kathleen Lezon, RN, CWS (Ft. Pierce, FL); Joseph McCulloch, PhD, PT, CWS (Shreveport, LA); Donald Mrdjenovich, DPM, CWS (Altoona, PA); Ann Myer, PT, GCS, CWS, (Mission Viejo,CA), John Nelson, DPM, CWS, (Coral Springs, FL) Ronald Scott, MD, CWS (Plano, TX); Cookie C Smith, PTA, CWS (Abilene, TX); Robin Tellez, RN, MS/HSA, BBA, CWS (Miami, FL), and James P Wilton, DPM,CWS, (Portsmouth, NH).

"We anticipate that the Board Examination will raise the wound care field to a higher level of professionalization and elevate the standard of care", commented Bob McKinlay, MPS, Executive Director. To receive information on the examination, please call AAWM at (305) 866-9592, fax (305) 868-0905, or email woundnet@aol.com.