When I receive my renewal letter, how much time do I have to respond?

All Certified Wound Specialists, and General Members of the AAWM, shall be required to renew with the AAWM annually. Certification renewal is $150.00, and membership renewal is $75.00. Any member who fails to pay the renewal fee by six months after the due date shall be automatically suspended and may further, have his/her certification /membership status revoked.

What continuing education documentation is needed in order to maintain my certification?

All certified wound specialists are required to participate in continuing education programs to maintain their competency, and to increase their knowledge of wound management. All CWSs must demonstrate a minimum of six hours of continuing education per year in the field of wound management. The submission of continuing education credits shall be made with the annual renewal form. Six hours of continuing education consists of six contact hours including: seminars, teleconferences, internet courses, journals, or as an instructor in the activities listed above.

After I become certified how long does it take to receive my certificate?

Candidates who achieve certification are sent a congratulatory letter and a certification data form. The data form requires each candidate to indicate how the name should appear on the certificate and is used to order the registered certificate. Certificates are ordered once per quarter after all certification data forms have been returned to the AAWM office. Once the order has been placed with a diploma company, it takes approximately six weeks for the certificates to be received at the AAWM office. At that time, the Certificates are signed by the President and Executive Director. Then the certificates are mailed to the candidates.