American Academy of Wound Management Certified Wound Specialists

Key  CA = Clinical Associate  (F) = Fellow  (D) = Diplomate

Listings indicate organization company, profession, specialty and sub-specialties.  More detailed listings, including contact information can be found in the National Registry of Certified Wound Specialists. Copies are available  for $75 through AAWM. Mail or deliver ckeck or money order to American Academy of Wound Management, 1720 Kennedy Causeway, Suite 109, North Bay Village, Fl 33141.  Contact (305) 866-9592 for more information.

Anita Adams, RN, ET, CWS, (CA) Saint Elizabeth Medical Center Registered Nurse Enterostomal Therapy, Home Health Nursing

Kenneth Allan  Adelman, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry

Gina Alaimo, PTA, CWS, (CA) Long Island State Veterans Home Physical Therapist Assistant

Stephen F. Albert, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Chief of Podiatric Section, U*niversity of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Veterans Affairs, Podiatry/Wound Care

Janet M. Allen, RN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Consultant Registered Nurse

Stuart J. Alter, DPM, CWS (D), Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Feetfirst Podiatry Clinic, Podiatric Medicine

Joyce Ann Ammondson, MPT, CWS, (F) Rehabilitation Manager American Therapy Services Physical Therapy Geriatrics, Neurology

Jackie Anderson, LPN, CWS, (CA) Dodge County Hospital Registered Nurse

Karen M. Anderson, RN, MSN, CWS, (F) Nurse Practitioner, William Beaumont Hospital Registered Nurse Plastic Surgery, Wound Management

Ruth Eileen Anderson, RN, CWS, (CA) Home Care Services Boone County Hospital Registered Nurse Home Care, Wound Care

David Armesto, MD, CWS, (D) Staff Physiatrist Veterans Administration Medical Center Medical Doctor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Suzanne K. Artz, ADN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Consultant A&W Medical Services, Inc Registered Nurse Wound Care, Legal Nurse Cosultant

Joaquin F. Balawer, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Podiatric Surgery

Mary E. Barna, DPM, PA-C, CWS, (D) Mary E. Barna & Associates, PC Podiatric Medicine Wound Care

Thomas Barnes, MD, FACS, CWS, (D) Medical Doctor General Surgery, Vascular Surgery

John E. Barnett, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Wound Care, Foot and Diabetic Ulcers

James Bass, Jr., MD, FICS, CWS (D) Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery, Wound Care Specxialists, Thoracic/Vascular Surgery

Tina McFarren Baum, MSN, CWS (F) Michael J. Basuito, MD, PC/Northeast Professional Pavillion Registered Nurse Pressure Ulcers, Surgical Wounds

Jorge Beale, MD, CWS, (D) Director Chronic Wound Treatment Program The Chronic Wound Treatment Program Medical Doctor Internal Medicine, Wound Management

Lynn Bean, RN, CRRN, CWS, Director of Nursing, Health South Northern Kentucky Rehab. Hospital, Rehgab/Woundcare/Lymphedemna

Georgina Susan Beard, RN, CWS (CA) Miami Heart Institute Registered Nurse Wound Care, Vascular

Debra Ann Beazley, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Director of Rehabilitation American Transitional Care Northside Physical Therapy

Larry Bernhard, DPM, FACFAS, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Foot Surgery, Diabetic Foot Care

Myron Z. Bernstein, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Franklin County Foot & Ankle Center, LLC, Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

Caren L. Betz, PT, GCS, CWS, (CA) Facility Rehab Director NovaCare Physical Therapy Geriatrics

Carol L. Bier-Vessel, AAS, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse

Kathleen C. Blair, BS, PT, CPed, CWS, (CA) Mission & St Joseph's Wound Team Physical Therapy Diabetic Foot

Bruce Block, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatric Medicine Lower Extremmity, Foot Diabetic, Vascular Wounds

Susan Lynn Blythe, RN, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse Ulcers

Patricia Ann Bogart, AA, AS, PT, CWS, (CA) Abraham Lincoln Memorial Physical Therapy

Daniel James Bonomo, MD, CWS, (D) St. John's Riverside Hospital Wouncd Care Ctr Medical Doctor Internal Medicine, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Platelet Derived Growth Factor

Barbara J. Boone, BSN, MSN, CWS, (F) Director of Nursing McKendree Village, Inc. Registered Nurse Geriatrics, Long term Care

Margarita Borrero, MD, CWS, (D) Medical Director Columbia Chronic Wound Clinic Medical Doctor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chronic Wounds

Douglas A. Borton, MPT, CWS (F) Physical Therapist, Sundance Rehab Corp, Pressure Ulcers

Joanne Marie Bowen, RN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Manager, Interim Health Care Registered Nurse Diabetic Foot Wounds, Lower Extremity Wounds

Mary T. Bruno, RN, CWS, (CA) Timberidge Nursing and Rehab

Cindy Lou Boyd, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) West Transitional Care Unit, Physical Therapy

Max R. Boykin, Jr., RN, ET, CWCN, BSN, CWS (CA) Springhill Memorial Hospital, Wound Care, Enterostomal Therapy, Hyperbaric Medicine

Richard Jay Brietstein, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Wound Care Leon

Richard Brill, DPM, FACFAS, CWS, (D) Consultant Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas Podiatric Medicine Reconstructive Foot Surgery, Diabetic Foot Problems, Wound Care

Barbara Brown, RN, CWS, (CA) Stoma Nurse, Diabetes Educator Park Medical Center Registered Nurse Wounds, Skin, Diabetes, Stomas

Janice Kay Brown, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Director of Rehabilitaiton Services Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Pressure Ulcers, Geriatric Rehabilitation

Martha Brown, RN, CCM, CWS, (CA) RN Supervisor CareSouth Home Care Professionals Registered Nurse Home Health, Geriatrics

William Henry Buntin Jr, MD, CWS, (D) Medical Director Phoebe Wound Care Center/Curative Technology, Medical Doctor Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care, Pain Management

Victoria S. Burnham, RN (CA) Registered Nurse Wound Management, Rehabilitative Nursing

Brian Butler, DPM, CWS (D) Chairman, Department of Podiatryu/Foot Surgery, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Podiatry/Foot Surgery/Pedorthics

William P. Butler, MD, FACS, CWS, (D) Chief, Clinical Operations Branch and Director, Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Davis Hyperbaric Laboratory - USAF Medical Doctor General Surgery, Hyperbaric Medicine Paz

Susan Cabanero-Johnson, BS, PT,CWS, (CA) Senior Physical Therapist Guardian Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Joseph M. Caporusso, DPM, CWS, (D) Complete Family Foot Care Podiatric Medicine

Robin Lynn Carlson, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Manager Interim Healthcare Physical Therapy Diabetic, Neuropathic Foot Ulcers

Wanda Carlson, AD, CWS, (CA) Clinical Nurse Consultant Knoll Pharmaceuticals/Olsten Healthcare Registered Nurse Pressure Ulcers

Betty Carr, RN, BSN, CRRN, CWS, (CA) Director of Nursing Services Cortland Quality Care Registered Nurse Geriatric Rehabilitation

Stanley N. Carson, MD, FACS, CWS, (D) Medical Doctor General Surgery, Vascular Surgery

Joan S. Carvalho, BS, RN, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse

Roger B. Cash, MS, PT, CWS (F) Mercy Care Center Physical Therapy

Alan R. Catanzariti, DPM, CWS (D) Director of Podiatric Residency Training Programs, The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery; Diabetic Limb Salvage

John R. Ceglar, ADN, CWS, (CA) Independent Home Health Services Registered Nurse

Robert P. Charnam, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry

Nancy Kean Chatham, RN, CWS, (CA) VNA Morgan & Scott Company Registered Nurse Wound Care

Gary W. Chessman, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry/Podiatric Surgery & Medicine  

John R. Chiaro, Jt., DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry

Lori J. Clanton, RN, CWS, (CA) Mt. Clemens Hospital/Wound Care Ctr Registered Nurse

Terry Claycomb, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Podiatry

Eloise Coaty, RN, AD, CWS, (CA) Dubuis Hospital Registered Nurse Wound Care, Gerontology, Nurse Education

Steven Coburn, MS, BS, BAPT, CWS, (CA) IHS of Laramie Physical Therapy

Margaret Ann Concini, RN, CWS (CA) Wound Care Coodinator, Holy Spirit Hospital, Wound Care, Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Treatment, Vacumn Assisted Wound Closure, Venous Ulcer Management

Colleen L. Conlen, RN, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse

Laurence K. Connelley, Jr., DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Neuropathic Ulcerations of the Feet

Diana Astrid Correa, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Mt. Sinai/St Francis Nursing Center Physical Therapy

Mary Anne Cottle-Dutton, PhD, MS-RD, MS, CWS, (D) Senior Physical Therapist, Clinical Wound Specialist HealthSouth Physical Therapy Growth Factors, Molecular, Cellular, Nutrient Components of Wound Healing

Steven Gregg Couper, BMS, BS, PA-C, CWS (CA) Parkcrest Surgical Association Physician Assistant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wound

Care James H. Courniotes II, DPM, CWS, (D) Foot Specialists Associates, Inc Podiatric Medicine Surgery

Karen Y. Cox, BS, PT, Cert MDT, CWS, (CA) Senior Physcial Therapist/Director Franklin Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy, Inc Physical Therapy Medical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine, Wound Management

Diane M. Cramer, LPN, CWS, Licensed Practical Nurse, Florida Medical Center Hospital, Wound Care/Ostomy

Julie Ann Cucco, BSN, MSA, CWS, (CA) Clinical Manager Wound Care Center/Mt. Clemens Hosp/Wound Center Registered Nurse Wound Management, Lower Extremity Ulcers

Diana Cunningham, RN, CWS, (CA) Patient Care Coordinator Wilson Cty Hospital Registered Nurse

Mark W. Dardis, PhD, PT, CWS, (D) Chief Rehabilitation Services US Public Health Service 4Physical Therapy Certified Hand Therapist, Wound Specialist

Sherilyn A. Daun, RN, CRN, CWS, (CA) Interim Healthcare Registered Nurse

Cynthia L. Davis, RN, BA (CA) Registered Nurse High technology IV, Wound Specialist

Tyrone T. Davis, DPM, (D) Total Foot Care, Inc., Podiatry, Surgery

Mark Edward DeGarmo, MPT, CWS, (F) Winchester Medical Center Physical Therapy Wound Care, Ostomy Rehabilitation

Sharon C. Denning, RN, CWS, (CA) Albany Anesthesia Associates PC Registered Nurse

Robert N. Dennis, BS, PT, MEd, CWS (CA) Lead Clinician Hendrick Health Services/Acute Rehab Physical Therapy

Lawrence A. DiDomenico, DPM, FACFAS, CWS, (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Ankle and Foot Care Centers, Podiatry

Donna L. Dolinar, RN, BSN, CWS, (CA) Chico Community Hospital/Wound Center Registered Nurse Wound Care

Marisol Dullavin, RN, AAS, CWS, (CA) Wound Manager Harborage Registered Nurse Wound Management, Gerontology

Timothy G. Dutra, DPM, MS, CWS, (D) Podiatrist, Podiatric Medicine & Surgery, Podiatric Orthopedics

Catherine Ann Eager, BSN, RN,C, ETN, CWS, (CA) Wound and Skin Consultant Wound Care Protocols Inc. Registered

Deann Jay Edgers, RNc, MN, CWS, Wound and Skin Consultant, Wound Care Protocols, Inc., Wound and Skin Management

Nurse Dale T. Edwards, RN, CHT, CWS, (CA) St Joseph Candler Hospital Registered Nurse Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care

David Eisenbud, MD, CWS, (D) Director Union Hospital Wound Management Center Medical Doctor Vascular Surgery

Kenneth J. Emch, DPM, AACFAS, CWS, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Ankle and Foot Care Centers, Podiatry

Brooke Alexander Evans, LPN, CRRN, CWS, (CA) Consultant Survey Solutions, Inc 8Registered Nurse

Chester Allen Evans, DPM, FACFAS, CWS (D) Associate Vice-President and Dean Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences Podiatric Medicine Wound Management

Ralph X. Ewall, PhD, CWS, (D) Consultant Becton Dickinson Transdermal Systems Doctor of Philosophy Product Design, Wound Dressings and Fluid Management

Barbara J Fein, RN, CWS, (CA) LifeCare Center Scottsdale Registered Nurse Long Term Care, Wound Care, Infection Control

Rita Felicitta, RN, LPN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Consultant National Patient Care Systems Registered Nurse Specialty Beds, Wound Care

Victor H. Feske Jr, MD, CWS, (D) Medical Director Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center Medical Doctor Emergency Medicine, Hyperbaric

Caroline E. Fife, MD, (D) Director, Hermann Center for Wound Healing/Associate Professor, University of TexasHealth Science Center, Houston, Wound Healing (Family Practice)

Medicine Randolph C. Fish, DPM, CWS, (D) Clinical Staff Franciscan Health System Wound Center Podiatric Medicine

Susan Trotter Fletcher, MSN, RN, CFNP, CWS, Diabetic Nurse Practitioner, G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery Medical Center, Family Nurse Practitioner, Diabetes

Holly Marguerite Franzen, MPT, CWS, (F) Physical Therapist

Bruce M. Freedman, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Foot Surgery

Jacqueline Frost, BSN, RN,C, CWS, (CA) Myelodysplasia Coordinator Shriners Hospital Registered Nurse Pediatrics, Myelodysplasia

Janice E. Frydman, RN, BSN, CWS(CA) Regional Manager MedSTAR Medical, Inc Registered Nurse Geriatric Nursing, Education, Wound Management

James W. Fuller, MD, FACS, CWS, (D) Rehabilitation Medicine Coordinator Medical Doctor/Surgeon Sugery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

John Galan, MS, RRT, CHT, CWS, (CA) Director, Hyperbaric and Wound Treatment Center Knapp Medical Center, Respiratory Therapist Wound Care, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Diabetic Foot, Pedorthics

Gerald J Gambale, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Surgery

Dagoberto Garcia, MD, CWS, (D) Medical Doctor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Loretta Garfunkel, OTR/L, CWS (CA) Occupational Therapy Wound and Pain Management

Matthew G. Garoufalis, DPM, FACFAS, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Wound Healing

Valerie Genova, LPN, CWS, (CA) Wound Skin Coordinator Walcott View Manor Registered Nurse Wound Care and Skin Integrity

Mary Jo Geyer, MS, PT, CWS, (F) Adjunct Faculty, Research Assistant University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Excercise Physiology

Vito N. Giardina, DPM, CWS (D) Chief of Podiatry, Comprehensive Wound Healing Center, Podiatry

Susan Gibson, RNC, CWS, (CA) West Melbourne Health Care Center Registered Nurse Geriatric Pressure Ulcers

Robert Gilbert, BS, MS PT, CWS, (F) Clinical Supervisor Westerly Hospital Physical Therapy Orthopedics, Tissue Trauma, Wound Management Ergonomics

Barbara Gill, RN, CWS, (CA) Director Clinical Services HBA Corporation Registered Nurse

Greta Melissa Gilson, MSA, RN, CWS (F), Director of Clinical Training, Cardio Systems, Pressure Ulcers, Leg Ulcewrs, Nutrition & Wound Healing

Angela Giordano, RN, BSN, (CA) Wound Care Consultant National Patient Care Systems Registered Nurse

Marietta Glazer, RN, MS, LMHC, CETN, CWS, (F) Memorial Regional Hospital Registered Nurse Enterostomal Therapy, Mental Health Counselor, Wound Care

Charles F. Gokoo, MD, CWS, (D) Director of Research Wound Care Consultants Medical Doctor Chronic Wound Care-Venous Diseases, Leg Ulcerations

Robert J. Goldstein, DPM, CWS, (D) Seminole Podiatry Center Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Chronic Wound Care, Alternative Amputation Wound Care Protocols

Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

Kathy Lynn Gray, RN, ON, CWS, (CA) Ostomy Nurse Adena Medical Center Registered Nurse Ostomy Education, Skin Care Consultant

Cheryl Griffith, RN, CWS, (CA) HH Aide Supervisor, Staff Development, Infection Control Coordinator, Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma Home Health Registered Nurse

Michael R. Grossman, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Wound Management, Chronic Wounds

Debora Ruth Guice, RN, BSN, CWS, (CA) RN Administrator Care South Registered Nurse Home Health Care, Managed Care, Geriatrics

Stephen Guida, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Foot Surgery

Charles J. Gulas, PT, GCS, CWS, (CA) Physical Therapy Geriatric Clinical Specialist, Rehab Choice, Inc., Geriatric Physical Therapy, Neurology

Mary Ellen Haisfield-Wolfe, RN, CWS, (CA) Senior Clinical Nurse, Research Associate Johns Hopkins Oncology Center Registered Nurse

John D. Halebian, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine,  Center for Wound Care, Northridge Hospityal Medical Center, Foot Surgery, Wound Care

Joan G. Hall, RN, CWS, (CA) Independent Home Health Services Registered Nurse Pressure Areas, Ostomy Care

Patricia Hall-Rogers, RN, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse Cynthia

Lynn Hamilton, BSN, CWS, (CA) Home & Community Health Services, Inc. Registered Nurse Medical-Surgical Nursing, Wound Care

Ann Harris, RN, MSN, CS, CWS, (F) Clinical Nurse Specialist Independent Practice Registered Nurse

Dasyln E. E. Harris, PhD, CWS, (F) Manager Rehabilitation Services Riverside Hospital Doctor of Philosophy Wound Management

Joseph A. Havlik, Jr., MD, CWS, (D) Cobb Wound Treatment Ctr/West Georgia Infectious Diseases Medical Doctor Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine

Sandra Davis Haynie, ADAS, PTA, C Ped, CWS, (CA) Mission & St. Joseph Health System/Wound Care Services Registered Nurse, Physical Therapy Assistant Wound Care, Diabetic Foot, Pedorthist

Pattie Hazelwood, LPN, CWS (CA) Tx. Nurse, Guilford Health Care Center, Prevention and Treatment of Ulcers

Arnold M. Hertz, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine

Jacqueline C. Hilpl, PT, CWS, (CA) Morton Plant Mease Healthcare Physical Therapy Wound Care, Incontinence

Joyce M. Hilt, RN, CETN, CWS, (CA) Wound Ostomy Care Coordinator Sarasota Memorial Home Care, Inc Registered Nurse Wounds, Ostomy Steven Hirsh, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine

Judith Ann Horn, MS, PT, GCS, CWS, (F) Senior Clinical Specialist Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Geriatrics, Wound Management

Lon Randolph Horwitz, DPM, CWS, (D) Foot Comfort Clinic of Cherry Creek Podiatric Medicine Foot Surgery

Natalie Housel, MA, PT, CWS, (F) Rehabilitation Director/Therapy Supervisor Health Park Care Center Physical Therapy Geriatrics, Wound Care

Jane Huckins, RN, CWS, (CA) Director of Wound Care Northridge Medical Center/Wound Care and Limb Preservation Center Registered Nurse Wound Care

Heather Leigh Hunter, MPT, CWS, (F) Torrance Memorial Medical Center Physical Therapy Burns, Wound Care

Glenn L. Irion, PT, PhD, CWS, (D) Associate Professor University of Central Arkansas Physical Therapy Department Physical Therapy Research, Modalities for Healing

Evelyne M. Jeanniton, MD, CWS (D) Medical Doctor Internal Medicine, Endocrinology

Daniel Jeran, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Foot Surgery

Vicie Johnson, RN, CWS (CA) Clinical Compliance Director West Shore Care Centre Registered Nurse Wound Management, Geriatrics

Warren H. Johnson, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Surgery

Constatine W. Jones, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Podiatry

Rhonda M. Jones, BSPT, CWS (CA) Senior Staff Physical Therapist, Lenoir Memorial Hospital, Wound Management

Timothy Chris Jones, BS, OTR/L, CWS, (CA) Clinical Service Line Manager Schumpert Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Chronic Lower Extremity Ulcerations, Diabetic Foot

Olga M. Joplin, MPA, OTR, PTA, CDE, CHT, CWS (CA) Veterans Administration Medical Center Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Assistant

Joan Junkin, RN, CS, MSN, CRRN, CWS, (F) Clinical Nurse Specialist Registered Nurse Rehabilitation

Ronald Kahn, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatric Medicine Kristal Ann Kemppainen, BS PT, MHRD, CWS, (CA) Lead Physical Therapist Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital Physical Therapy Medical Surgical Acute Care, Subacute Care

Arkady Kaplansky, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry

Lori L. Killingsworth, LPN, CWS, (CA) South East Alabama Medical Center Registered Nurse

Diane G. King, LPN, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse

Robert S. Kirsner, MD, CWS (D) Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Miami School of Medicine Dermatology Wound Care

Marc S. Kitrosser, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Surgery Richard Kloecker, MD, DSc, CWS, (D) Physician's Services LLC Medical Doctor/Surgeon General and Vascular Surgery, Venous Disease, Lymphology

Luther C. Kloth, MS, PT, CWS (F) Professor Marquette University, Physical Therapy Department / WSC-346 Physical Therapy Electrical Stimulation, Pulsed Radio Frequency

LouBrenda Hoiles Kodish, RN, BA, CWS, (CA) Director of Education, Wound Therapist THC Hospital-Hollywood Registered Nurse Wound Management, Staff Development, Nursing Instructor

Catherine Mary Koerner, RN, BSN, CWS, (CA) Bon Secours- Venice Home Health Registered Nurse Enterostomal Therapy

Lawrence Owen Kollenberg, DPM, FACFAS, BSR Ph, CWS, (D) Director Garland County Foot Clinic Podiatric Medicine

Herbert E. Kosmahl, DPM, CWS (D) North Georgia Outpatient Surgery Center Podiatric Medicine

David C. Kraatz, DPM, FACFAS, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, David Kaatz, DPM, Podiatry

Diane Krasner, PhD, RN, CETN, CWS, (D) Postdoctoral Nurse Fellow Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Center for Nursing Research Doctor of Philosophy, Registered Nurse Chronic Wounds, Qualitative Research

Jeffrey Kravat, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Judy Kreideweis, RN, CWS, (CA) Hyperbaric Oxygen, Inc Registered Nurse Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care

Chester Ransom Lambert, BS, MPT, CWS, (F) Loma Linda University Medical Center Physical Therapy Basic and Advanced Wound Care, Electrotherapy

Kartherine E. Lampe, MPT, CWS, (F) Assistant Professor St. Ambrose University, Physical Therapy Dept Physical Therapy Modalities, Dressings

Scott N. La Raus, BS, PT (CA) Physical Therapist, Princeton Medical Center, Wound Care 

Suzanne Leaphart, RN, CWS, (CA) President Advanced Wound Recovery Group Registered Nurse Wound Healing

Franklin N. Levinson, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry

Jay Lifshen, DPM, CWS, (D) Southwest Podiatry Associates Podiatric Medicine Arlene Joy Lohn, RN, CWS, (CA) Nursing Coordinator, Wound Care Division Automated Pharmaceutical Services Registered Nurse

Rhonda Lollar, RN, CWS, (CA) Director Clinical Services Wound Management Services Registered Nurse Chronic Wounds, Diabetic Ulcers

Curtis W. Long, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Wound Management Deborah S. Lopez, RN, CWS, (CA) Director of Outpatient Wound Treatment Center Delray Medical Center Registered Nurse

Katherine Love, RN, BSN, MA, CWS, (CA) Assistant Director of Nursing Allied Home Health Registered Nurse

Tommy L. Love, DO, CWS (D) Director, Hyperbaric and Wound Care Medicine, David Grant Medical Center, Aerospace Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine

Angelo Luzzi, DPM, FACFAS, CWS, (D) Associated Podiatrists of South Jersey Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Wound Care

Louise E. Maney, AAS, RN, PTA, CWS (CA) Horton Medical Center Outpatient Rehabilitation Registered Nurse, Physical Therapy Assistant Post Acute Wound Care, Chronic Wound Care

Honor G. Manilla, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry

Linda F. Manning, BS, PT, CWS, Physical Therapist, Nova Care, Inc.

Constance E. Mantopoulos, RN, AAS, CWS, (CA) Clinical Consultant National Patient Care Systems Registered Nurse

Joan Marchesani, RN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Consultant National Patient Care Systems Registered Nurse Wound Care

Robin Ryan Marquez, MS, PT, CWS (F) Clinical Education Associate, Texas Women's University/Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Wound Care/Burns

Sharon R. Matesi, RNC, MSN, CWS (F) Performance Improvement Coordinator, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Community Health Nursing, Spinal Cord Home Care

Joseph M. McCulloch, PhD, PT, CWS (D) Professor / Director Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation LSU Medical Center Physical Therapy

Cynthia McGovern, RNc, CWS, (CA) Burn, Skin and Wound Care Coordinator Columbia Mercy Medical Center Registered Nurse

Carolyn McCrystal McIntyre, MS, PT, CWS (F) Assistant Rehabilitation Manager Darcy Hall Life Care Center Physical Therapy Wound Care

Brenda McKenzie, MPA, CWS (F) Director of Nursing Miami Jewish Hospital and Home Registered Nurse Gerontology

Alan P. McMahan, MD, FACS, CWS, (D) Medical Doctor General Surgery

Kim Meleski, PT, CWS (CA) Physical Therapy Wound Care, Stroke Rehabilitation Mary Jane Merkel, RN, ETN, CWS, (CA) Director IG&H Wound Care Institute Registered Nurse Enterostomal Therapy, Wounds

Norma Melious, RN, CWS, Clinical Nurse III, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Wound Management, Oncology

Elizabeth T. Meyer, AD, CWS, (CA) Advanced Wound Recovery Associates, PC Registered Nurse

John G. Mills, DO, MPH, CWS, (D) Clinical Director Ambulatory Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Univ of N TX Health Sciences Ctr Doctor of Osteopathy Aerospace Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine Spencer Misner, DPM, FACFS, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Surgery

Sari Lisa Misicwicz, PT, CWS, (CA) Director of Clinical Services, Medfit Rehab & Wellness Providers, Orthopedics, Geriatrics

Nima Moghaddas, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry

Tamara Moliviatis, LPN, CWS, (CA) Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca Registered Nurse Chronic Wounds, Acute Hand Wounds

William Montross, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry, Reconstruction

Michael F. Moore, MD, FACS, CWS (D) Physcician Medical Doctor/Surgeon General Surgery, Vascular Surgery

Sylvia Morales, AAS, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse, Coronary Care, Critical Care

Samantha Morgan, BSN, CRRN, CCM, ET, CWS (CA) Manager of Rehabilitation Services Laurel Health Care Company Registered Nurse Physical Rehabilitation, Subacute, Postacute, Wound, Ostomy and Continence Management, Case Management

Deborah Lynn Morris, BS, PT, CWS (CA) Director, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Medical Center Hospital Physical Therapy Wound Care

Joyce Annette Moss, RN, BSN, MN, CWS, (F) Regional Education Coodinator, Allcare Home Health

Joni J. Mowder, MS, PT, CWS, (F) Strong Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Wound Care, Rehabilitation

Donald Mrdjenovich, DPM, CWS, (D) Central Pennsylvania Podiatry Associates, PC Podiatric Medicine Wound Care, Diabetic Foot, Charcot Foot, Disease of Lower Extremity, Sports Medicine, Surgery

Gerit Mulder, DPM, MS, CWS, (D) President IntegratedWound Services Podiatric Medicine Wound Management Wound Care Education

Nancy Murphree, RN, CWS, (CA) Wound Management Nurse Friendly Hills Health Care Registered Nurse Wound Management

Anne H. Myer, PT, GCS, CWS, (CA) Geriatrics & Wound Specialist, Beverly Manor Nursing Home (Beverly Enterprises), Wounds/Geriatrics

Carolyn Estep Myers, BSN, CWS, (CA) Manchester Memorial Hospital Registered Nurse

Sylvia G. Myers GNP, MSN, CWS (F) Nurse Practitioner, Wound Care Specialist St. Albans Veterans Administration Extended Care Center Registered Nurse Geriatric Nurse Practicioner, Wound Care

Paulette M. Nardi, MT (ASCP), MBA, CWS, (CA) Director of Special Projects National Patient Care Systems Medical Technologist Wound Management, Support Surface Selection, Pressure Ulcers

Samy Abdel-Samad Nasef, PhD, PT, CWS, (F) Physical Therapy Director Life Care Centers of America/Mitchell Manor Physical Therapy Clinical Research, Education

Mary A, Nametka, RN, MSN, CS, CWS (F) Director of Clinical Care, Wound Care Consultants, Inc.

John P. Nelson, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist Barry University School of graduate Medical Sciences Podiatric Medicine

Judy Ann Newman, RN, CWS, (CA) Nurse Manager, CDE Wound Care Center at Parkway Regional Medical Center Registered Nurse Wound Care, Diabetes

Artis E. Newsome, BS, MA, PT, CWS (CA) Physical Therapist, Tyler Rehabilitation Hospital, Wound Care/Geriatrics/Neurology

Raphael T. Nguyen, DPM, CWS, (D) Baronne Foot Center Podiatric Medicine Diabetic Foot Care, Foot Wounds

Kate M. O'Halloran, BA, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Senior Physical Therapist Columbus Regional Hospital Physical Therapy Wound Care

Lisa Anne Oakley, MD, CWS, (D) Cobb Medical Ctr/Wound Treatment Ctr/West Georgia Infectious Diseases Medical Doctor Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease

Loraine Orach, PT, CWS (CA) Parkside Rehabilitation and Care Center Physical Therapy Geriatrics

Barbara Ann Organ, RN, CWS, (CA) Director of Wound Services Florida Medical Center South Registered Nurse Wound Management, Diabetes Education

Julia Overstreet, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Pacific Foot & Ankle Associates, Wound Care

Liza Ovington, PhD, CWS, (D) President Ovington and Associates Doctor of Philosophy

Valentina Ovodenko, RN, CWS (CA) Nurse Supervisor, Surgery Department, Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, Surgical/Medical

Pamela A. Paparone, RN, MSN, C,NPC, CWS, (F) Philip Paparone, DO Registered Nurse

Philip Paparone, DO, CWS, (D) Chief and Director, Division of Infectious Disease Atlantic City Medical Center Doctor of Osteopathy Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease

Amy Pastor, RN, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse Liliana Patterson, PT, CWS, (CA) Physical Therapy Director Rehab Group of South Florida Physical Therapy

Harvey A. Pearl, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Use of Growth Factor, Wound Care

Linda Peterson, BS, OT, CWS, (CA) Advanced Rehab Services Occupational Therapy Hand, Wounds

James M. Phillips, MS, PT, CWS, (F) IG&H Wound Care Institute Physical Therapy Chronic and Acute Wound Care

Joseph M. Picardi, BA, MS, FNP, CWS, (F) Family Nurse Practitioner Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey Registered Nurse Family Nurse Practitioner, Infectious Diseases, Diabetic Foot Care, HIV/AIDS

Joseph Picciotti, DPM, CWS, (D) Associated Podiatrists of South Jersey Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Wound Care

David M. Pilla, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Surgery

Egna Martinez Polanco, RN, MSN, ETN, CWS, (F) Veterans Administration Medical Center Registered Nurse Skin Care Specialist, Ostomy and Incontinence Management

Betty Ann Polk, BS, RN, CWS, (CA) Staff Nurse Veterans Administration Hospital Registered Nurse Critical Care

Shanni Faye T. Ponce, PT, CWS (CA) Physical Therapy Pressure Sores

John A. Prior, DPM, MS, FACFAOM, FACFAS, CWS (D) Professor Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences Podiatric Medicine Wound /Conservative Management

C. Leah Quin, RN, CWS, (CA) IHS Home Care Registered Nurse Wound Care Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Rosmira Ramirez R., PT, CWS (CA), Physical Therapist, Rehgab Works, Woundcare/Geriatrics

Patricia Smith Regojo, RN, MSN, CWS, (F) Clinical Nurse Specialist St. Agnes Medical Center Registered Nurse Burns, Pressure Ulcers, Rehabilitation, Education, Research

Esther A. Rempel, BSN, CWS, (CA) Nurse Manager Bonnell Good Samaritan Hospital Registered Nurse

Tuesday Remsburg, MSN, RN, NP,CS, CWS, (F) St. Joseph's Home for the Blind Registered Nurse Geriatrics, Oncology

Tammy Lynn Reynolds, RN, CWS, (CA) Case Manager Medical Ctr of Southeastern Oklahoma Home Health Registered Nurse Wound Care, Geriatrics

Shelly Rikansrud, AS, PTA, CWS, (CA) Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, Monroe Regional Medical Center, Wound Care/Physical Therapy/Hydrotherapy  

Gayle N. Rinehardt, RN, CWS, (CA) Veterans Administration Medical Center Registered Nurse Gerontology

Evaristo E. Rivero, RN, BSN, DPM, CWS, (D) The Foot Doctor Podiatric Medicine Hilda M. Rodriguez, RN, CWS, (CA) Home Health Care, Inc Registered Nurse

Stanford Rosen, DPM, CWS, (D) A Center for Conservative Foot Care, PC Podiatric Medicine Olwyn Ross, RN, CWS, (CA) Skin Care Clinician Research Medical Center - Health Midwest Registered Nurse

Elaine R. Rothman, BSN, MSN, CWS, (F) Riverside Hospital Registered Nurse Susan M. Rudy, AAS, PTA, CWS, (CA) Community Hospital of Sullivan County Physical Therapy Assistant Acute Care, Wound Care

Jack Rubinlicht, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Northeast Podiatry Consultants, Ltd., Podiatry, Diabetic Foot Care

James F. Rupp, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Wound Management

Mable Rutt, RN, BSN, CDE, CWS, (CA) Case Manager, Education Coordinator, Wound Care Comm. Coordinator Columbia Home Health Registered Nurse

William J. Saar, DPM, CWS, (D) Director Podiatric Medicine Richmond Mt. Sinai East Hospital Podiatric Medicine

Harvey J. Saff, DPM, CWS, (D) Medical Director Pompano Podiatry Wound Care Podiatric Medicine Wound Management, Diabetic Ulcers, Differential Diagnosis

Francine G. Schiraldi-Deck, DPM, MS, CWS, (D) Center for Family Foot Health Podiatric Medicine Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Gait Analysis, Wound Healing, Nutrition

Beverly J. Schmidgall, RN, CWS, (CA) Salem Hosp/SHAPES Wound Care Center/Silverton Registered Nurse IV Therapy, Wound Care

Debra Ann Schocher, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Glenn B. Truskin Associates, Podiatry

Nancy Schueftan, RN, CWS, (CA) Clinical Applications Specialist Huntleigh Healthcare Registered Nurse Pressure Ulcers

Nathan H. Schwartz, DPM, C Ped, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Pedorthics, Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care

Karen Scott, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Sundance Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Geriatric Wound Care

Steven Sexson Wrege, DPM, CWS, (D) Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico Podiatric Medicine Foot and Ankle Surgery, Antibiotic Bead Technique for Osteomyelitis, Diabetic Foot

Mark W. Shaffer, DPM, DA, BPS, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Rekha Sharma, MD, MPH, CWS, (D) Acting Head Section of Geriatrics Christ Hospital Medical Center Medical Doctor Geriatrics, Internal Medicine

William Simpson, RN, CWS, (CA) Calhoun Cty Medical Care Facility Registered Nurse Infection Control, Wound Care Management

Janice M. Skwarczyk, BS, PT, CWS (CA) Senior Physical Therapist Palos Community Hospital Physical Therapy

Dorothy Small, BSN, MSN, GNP, CWS, (F) Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Quigley Memorial Hospital, Chelsea Soldiers Home Registered Nurse Geriatrics, Wound Management, Pressure Ulcers, Skin Care

Sadie Marian Smalls, EdD, RN, CWS (D) Clinical Adminstrative Liaison Nurse, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Gerontology/Adult Care

Carole Marie Smith, RN, CWS, (CA) Barnes Kasson County Hospital Registered Nurse

Carol West Smith, MSN, CRNP-F, CWS (F) Nurse Practitioner, Central Alabama Veterans Health System, Family Health Care - Primary Care

Cookie C. Smith, PTA, CWS, (CA) Hendrick Medical Center Physical Therapist Assistant

Douglas C. Smith, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrict Physician, Family Foot Center, Podiatry, Foot Surgery, Wound Care

Lynette Smith, AS, PTA, CWS, (CA) Palmetto General Hospital Physical Therapist Assistant

Robert S. Smith, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry, Wound Care, Orthopedics, Surgery

Tracy Aletta Smith, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist/owner, A+ Family Foot & Leg Care Specialists, Podiatry 

Susanne N. Solomon, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatric Physician & Surgeon, Diabetic Foot Care, Dance/Sports Medicine

Susan Solomon-Williams, RN, BS, MA, ETN, CWS, (F) Susan Solomon & Associates, Inc Registered Nurse Wound Care, Enterostomal Therapy

David R. Sotelo, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Diabetic Foot

Heleno Souzo, PT, CWS (CA) Physical Therapist, Derma Sciences, Wound Management/Electrical Therapy in Wound Management

Bonnie Sparks, PT, CWS, (CA) Wound Management Institute Physical Therapy

Patti Ann Sparling, RN, BSN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Service Coordinator IHS Home Care Registered Nurse Wound Care, Ostomy Management

Eileen R. Spaulding, RN, CWS, (CA) Shelby Pines Rehabilitaiton and Health Care Center/Vencor Registered Nurse Wound Care, Infection Control

Henry K. Stark, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Palm Beach Foot and Ankle, Inc., Podiatry/Wound Care

Seth Jonathan Steber, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Wound Care, Lower Extremity, Diabetic

Gretchen D. Steinmetz, LPN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Program Coordinator Medi-Home Health Agency Registered Nurse Pressure Ulcers, Products, Prevention, Vascular Ulcers

Jeffrey Alan Stone, DO, MPH, CWS, (D) Associate Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine, Medical Director Aerospace Medicine Wound Care Consultants Doctor of Osteopathy Aerospace Medicine, Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine

Michael L. Stone, DPM, CWS, (D) MeritCare Medical Group/Orthopedics Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Lower Extremity, Diabetic Ulcer, Foot and Ankle Trauma

John P. Stratis, MD, FACS, CWS, (D) President Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Surgeon Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Diagnosis and Management, Microvascular Surgery

Antonius Su, DPM, CWS (D) Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Foot and Akle Surgery

Fritz Suffraint, LPN, CWS, (CA) Home Health, Inc Registered Nurse Hi-Technology Wound Care

Brian T. Sugai, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Big Island Foot Care, Inc., Podiatry

Paul R. Sullivan, DPM, CWS, (D) Bucks County Podiatry/Newton Podiatry Podiatric Medicine Podiatric Surgery, Limb Salvage

Fran Suskauer, BSN, RN, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Consultant National Patient Care Systems Registered Nurse

Karen Sandra Thornton Suttle, BSc, MD, CWS (D) Medical Doctor, Family Practice, Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine

Gregory H. Szeyko, MD, CWS (D) Medical Director, Sierra/Providence Wound Management Center, Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Marshall M. Taitz, DPM, Podiatrist. Foot Health, Inc., Podiatry

Douglas M. Taylor, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatrist, Douglas Talor, DPM, Podiatry

Robin D. Tellez, RN, BBA, CWS (CA) Regional Wound Care Specialist Integrated Health Services Registered Nurse Multidisciplinary Team Wound Management, Lower Extremity Ulcers, Decubiti, Diabetic Foot, Chronic Surgical Wounds

Beverly A. Thompson-Ingleton, LPN, CWS, (CA) Clinical Associate

DeAnna Thoni, RN, ET, CWS, (CA) Baptist Hospital Registered Nurse Wound Care, Ostomy Care Teresa Smith Timaji, PT, CWS, (CA) Shriner's Hospital for Children Physical Therapy Pediatrics, Wound Management

Judith Tinder, AD, CWS, (CA) Home Health Care Inc Registered Nurse Wound Care

Frazier Ben Todd, Sr., DPM, FACFAS, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Foot and Ankle

Audrey M. Torres, MSN, RN, CRRN, CWS, (F) Clinical Nurse Specialist, Infection Control Coordinator The Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Registered Nurse Neurology, Rehabilitaiton, Wound Care

Jaime Trevino, BS, RRT, CHT, CWS, (CA) Senior Technologist Hyperbaric Wound Care Center/Knapp Medical Center Respiratory Therapy Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care

William Barry Turner, DPM, CWS (D) Podiatric Physician, Tri-County Podiatric Associates, LLP, Podiatry/Wound Healing

Rebecca J. Tustain, ADN, BSN, MSN, CWS (F) Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Educator Mississippi Baptist Medical Center Registered Nurse Lower Extremity Wounds, Neuropathic Ulcers

Vivian Tyler, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Rehab Service Director Symphony Rehabilitation Services Physical Therapy

Leonard A. Valente, DPM, MPS, MPA, MS, C Ped, CWS, (D) Chief of Podiatry VA Medical Center Podiatric Medicine Foot Ulcers, Clinical Nutrition

Neal Vichinsky, DPM, CWS (D) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

Elizabeth A. Villenes, RN, BS, CWS, (CA) Nurse Clinician St. Luke's Northland Hospital Registered Nurse

Shelley Vitale, RN, CWS, (CA) Wound Consultant, Manager Specialty Programs Visiting Nurse Association Registered Nurse Venous Ulcers, Home Health, Wound Management, Pressure Ulcers

Thomas D. Vitale, DPM, CWS, (D) Joslin Center for Diabetes Podiatric Medicine Surgery, Diabetic Wound Care

Therese E. Watson, AA, PTA, CWS (CA) South Umqua Physical Therapy / Columbia Douglas Medical Center Physical Therapist Assistant Wound Care, Inpatient Rehabilitation

Robert N. Wayne, DPM, CWS, (D) Florida Foot & Ankle Group, PA Podiatric Medicine Foot Surgery, Wound Care

Dennis J. Weinberg, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine

Donald L. Whitney, BA, AA, CWS, (CA) Operations Manager Inland Medical & Rehab, Inc Registered Nurse Support Surface Specialist, Home Medical Equipment, Wound Management

Susan Elizabeth Rouse Wickard, RN, BSN, CWS (CA) Long Term Care Corporate Acxcounts Director, Hill Rom, Long Term Care/Pressure Ulcers

Randy Wieck, PT, CWS, (CA) Wound Care Specialist Professional Rehabilitation, Inc Physical Therapy Wound Care

Christine Wietlisbach, OTR, CHT, CWS, (CA) Occupational Therapist Eisenhower Medical Center Occupational Therapy Hand Therapy, Industrial Rehabilitation

Charlene Wilkening, RN, CWS (CA) Boone County Hospital Registered Nurse Wound, Ostomy, Continence Care, Acute and Chronic Wounds

Annette M. Williams, RN, CWS, (CA) Lafayette Home Hospital Registerd Nurse Wound Care

Donna J. Williams, BA, PT, CWS (CA) Physical Therapist, Burlington Medical Center, Orthopedics, back pain prevention programs, wound care ergonomics

Eva E. Williford, BSN, CWS (CA) Home Health Care, Inc Registered Nurse James P. Wilton, DPM, CWS, (D) Seacoast Foot Surgery Associates Podiatric Medicine

Glenda Atkinson Winbord, BS, PT, MS, CWS (F), Physical Therapisat II, Baptist Medical Center and Pediatric Therapy Services, PA, chronic wounds and acute trauma wounds

William Andrew Wood, DPM, CWS, (D) Regional Wound Care Center/St. Margaret Mercy Hospital Podiatric Medicine

Donna S. Woods, BS, PT (CA) Physical Therapist, Woundcare/Geriatrics

William J. Woods III, RRT, RCP, CWS, (CA) CEO, Wound Management Systems, Inc., Respiratory Therapist/Advanced Wound Care

Ma Nancy Woodward, BS, PT, CWS, (CA) Physical Therapy

Vivienne Worthington, RN, CCM, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse

Douglas M. Worthman, DPM, CWS, (D) Podiatric Medicine

Wesley H. Yamada, DPM, RPh, CWS, (D) US Public Health Service/Indian Health Services Podiatric Medicine

Brett C. Young, AAS, CWS (CA) Wound Specialisy, Delta Surgical Associates, General Wound Care

Bonnie Yovanovich, LPN, CWS, (CA) Anderson Medical Services Registered Nurse

Donna E. Zeznock, RNC, CWOCN, CURN, CWS, (CA) Registered Nurse

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