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Certified Wound Specialists


Listings indicate organization company, profession, specialty and sub-specialties.  More detailed listings, including contact information can be found in the National Registry of Certified Wound Specialists. Copies are available  for $75 through AAWM. Mail or deliver check or money order to American Academy of Wound Management, 1255 23rd ST NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20037.  Contact (202) 521-0368 for more information.

Joan Abels, RN, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse Life Care Hospitals Medical-Surgical
Timothy C. Abigail, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Steve E. Abraham, DPM, CWS      
Kenneth Lee Abram, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Newark Foot and Ankle Center/EastGlen Foot and Ankle Center Diabetic Foot Care, Sports Medicine
Barbara E. Adams, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist MidSouth Home Health Wound Care, Geriatrics
Jacquelyn Adams, MS, NPC, CWS Nurse Practitioner Ocean County Family Care Adult/Geriatric
Anita Adams, RN, ET, CWS   Saint Elizabeth Medical Center Enterostomal Therapy, Home Health Nursing
Kenneth Allan Adelman, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Danny Jay Aguilar, DPM, CWS      
Patty Aguirre, PT, CWS   North Mississippi Medical Center, Tupelo Home Care Home Care
Akinsola Mikail Akinyode, BMR, PT, CWS Physical Therapist The Best Rehabilitation Services Spinal Manual Therapy, Wound Care
Gina Alaimo, PTA, CWS   Long Island State Veterans Home  
Stephen F. Albert, DPM, CWS Chief of Podiatric Section   Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Judy Algrim, ARNP, CWS   Wichita Medical Associates Geriatrics
Janet M. Allen, RN, CWS Wound Care Consultant    
Joyce S. Alonso, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Dr. Joyce Alonso, DPM, Inc. Podiatry
Sue Ellyn Altamirano, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Care Medical Systems  
Stuart J. Alter, DPM, CWS   Feet First Podiatry Clinic Wound Care
Marguerite "Rita" Alvarez, BS, PT, CWS Clinical Associate in Wound Care Human Resources Health Center Wound Care Management
Belinda C. Alvarez, LPN, CWS Wound Care Specialist HealthSouth Regional Rehabilitation Center Rehabilitation Nursing, Wound Care
Clair A. Alway, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Northern California Compression Therapy Center, Inc. Wound Care, Lymphedema, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Sandy Amador, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine AmeriMed Physicians Health Care, PA Podiatry
Jeffrey T. Amen, DPM, CWS      
Barbara A. Anderson, BS, PT, CWS Assistant Director Rehab Services Baptist Medical Center Wound Care
Sandra Lynn Anderson, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist Tomball Regional Hospital  
Jackie Anderson, LPN, CWS   Dodge County Hospital  
Ruth Eileen Anderson, RN, CWS   Home Care Services Boone County Hospital Home Care, Wound Care
Karen M. Anderson, RN, MSN, CWS Nurse Practitioner William Beaumont Hospital Plastic Surgery, Wound Management
Percy L. Anderson,Jr., DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine State Veterans Affairs Commission Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic & Peripheral Vascular Wound Care
Lorraine A. Angelil, LPN, CWS   Vencor Geriatrics, Wound Management
Arlina H. Anog, PT, GCS, CWS Director of Physical Therapy Pulaski Memorial Hospital Neuropathic Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers in LTC
Suresh Jude Antony, MD, PhD, CWS   Texas Oncology Physicians Associates  
Luis Aponte, MD, CWS     General Practitioner
Renato V. Araujo, PT, CWS   IHS Geriatrics, Ortho, Wound Management
Isabelle Arce, LPTA, CWS      
David Armesto, MD, CWS Staff Physiatrist Veterans Administration Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Joseph Arno, MD, CWS   Williamsburg Commons Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology
Suzanne K. Artz, ADN, CWS Wound Care Consultant A & W Medical Services, Inc. Wound Care, Legal Nurse Consultant
Alan H. Ashby, MPT, CWS Director of Therapy Services Good Samaritan Health Care Center Wound Management, Geriatrics
Thomas P. Ashdown, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers, Inc. Podiatry
Cody Chantealle Atchley, MS, PT, CWS   North Hills Hospital  
James Atkin, DPM, PhD, CWS   VAMHCS/ Perry Point Podiatry, Lower Extremity Ulcerations
Cordell Atkins, BS, PT, CWS   Latter Day Saints Hospital Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetes
Jose Luis Ayala, DPM, CWS Medical Director Wound and Hyperbaric Department, Brownsville Medical Center Podiatry, Hyperbaric Medicine
Margaret Adele Bagnall, RN, BS, CWS Director Restorative Nursing, Wound Care IHS Venice North Restorative Nursing, Wound Care
Mona Mylene Baharestani, PhD, MSN, CWS Director Wound Healing- Clinical Services & Research North Shore- Long Island Jewish Health System Wound Healing, Pressure Ulcers, Risk Management, Medico-Legal Consulting
Richard E. Baker, Jr., DPM, CWS   Providence VAMC Podiatric Surgery
Karen Y. Baker, PT, CWS      
Barbara R. Baker, RN, BSN, CWS Territory Manager   Wound Care, Support Services
Joaquin F. Balaguer, DPM, CWS     Surgery, Diabetic Foot Wound Care
Rosalie Balmonte-Batayola, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist Vencor Chicago North Chronic Wounds, Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Wounds-Acute Care
Darren Barbacci, DPM, CWS   Central Pennsylvania Podiatry Associates  
Joann Barker, RN, CWS      
Mary E. Barna, DPM, PA-C, CWS   Mary E. Barna & Associates, PC Wound Care
Thomas Barnes, MD, FACS, CWS   Krueger and Pascual MDs, PA General Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Sandra Parks Barnette, BA, CWS Nurse Manager Crestview Health and Rehabilitation Center  
Oscar Barreto, DPM, RN, CWS     Podiatric Surgery
John E. Barrett, DPM, CWS   John E. Barrett, DPM Wound Care, Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Clifton A. Barretta, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Associated Foot Health Center Podiatry
James Bass Jr., MD, FICS, CWS   Wound Care Specialists Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Endovascular Surgery
Tina McFarren Baum, MS, RN, CS, CWS   Michael J. Basuito, MD, PC/Northeast Professional Pavillion Pressure Ulcers
Jorge Beale, MD, CWS Director The Chronic Wound Treatment Program Internal Medicine, Wound Management
Lynn Bean, RN, CRRN, CWS Director of Nursing HealthSouth Northern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital Rehabilitation, Wound Care, Lymphedema, Sharp Debridment
Georgina Susan Beard, RN, CWS     Wound Care, Vascular
Roger G. Beck, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery
Holly G. Bedgio, RNC, BSN, CRNI, CWS      
Patricia M. Behrend, BS, PT, CWS   Scripps Memorial East County Acute Care Rehabilitation, Skin Wound Assessment, Geriatrics
Carol A. Beistle, BS, OTR, CWS   Curative Rehabilitation Service-Froedert Hospital;Ortho Rehabilitation Hand Therapy
Daniel J. Beless, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Cobb Hyperbaric Medicine Hyperbaric Medicine
Richard L. Bell, DPM, CWS   La Palma Intercommunity Hospital Wound Care Center Podiatry, Wound Care
Desmond P. Bell, Jr., DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine First Coast Diabetic Foot and Wound Management Center Podiatry, Wound Care
June Bellant, LPN, CWS   Sarasota Memorial Hospital Center for Wound Healing  
Lori R. Benedetto, MS, PT, CWS Clinical Director of ACP Sundance Rehabilitation Corporation  
Richard S. Benjamin, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Kathleen Bennett, RN, CWS   Mariner Health Care of Palmetto Wound Care, Nutrition
Donna Bennett-Leedy, RN, CWS Regional Representative Clinical Technology, Inc. Infusion Therapy, Wound Care
Hanna Benson, PTA, CWS      
Peter T. Bentley, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Arnold S. Beresh, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Peninsula Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLC Podiatric Surgery and Diabetic Foot Care
Louise Berkowicz, MBchB, DCH, MFgp,Dp, ABFP, CWS     Family Practice, Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care
Karen A. Bernazzani, RN, BSN, CWS Director of Nursing Harborside Healthcare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Geriatrics, Wound Management
Larry Bernhard, DPM, FACFAS, CWS     Foot Surgery, Diabetic Foot Care
Myron Z. Bernstein, DPM, CWS   Franklin County Foot & Ankle Center, LLC Podiatric Surgery
Patricia R. Bernstein, DPM, CWS      
Richard K. Bernstein, MD, FACE, FACN, CWS      
Carol Gast Besse, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist St. Agnes Comprehensive Wound Healing Center Wound Management
Caren L. Betz, PT, GCS, CWS Facility Rehab Director Nova Care Geriatrics
John Bidelspach, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Family Podiatric Centers  
Carol L. Bier-Vessel,AAS, CWS      
Timothy J. Biggins, RN, BSN, MPA, CWS Operations Manager Saint Joseph Medical Center Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine
Joyce E. Birch, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Palms West Hospital Loxahtchee Wound Care Management
Jeanne S. Bittman, LPN, CLTC, CWS     Wound Care, Geriatrics, Therapeutic Touch
Andrew S. Black, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Ronica Black, RN, BSN, CWS Case Manager Therapeutic Services Rehabilitation, Case Management
Michelle I. Black, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Bon Secours Holy Family Hospital  
Kathleen C. Blair, BSPT, CPed, CWS   Mission & St. Joseph's Wound Team Diabetic Foot
Melodie M. Blakely, MS, PT, CWS   Novacare Inc. Geriatric Wound Care/Prevention
Gregory A. Blasko, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Ankle & Foot Care Centers Podiatric Surgery
Marc Jay Blatstein, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Dr. Marc Blatstein, PC Podiatry
Mark S. Block, DPM, CWS      
Bruce Block, DPM, CWS     Lower Extremity, Foot Diabetic, Vascular Wounds
David L. Blumfield, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Medicine, Reconstructive Surgery
Milton Derrick Boden, MD, CWS   West Georgia Infectious Diseases  
Patricia Ann Bogart, AA, AS, PT, CWS   Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital  
Ilse Boggs, RN, CWS     Chronic Wounds, Stomas
Linda Bohacek, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Carol Jeorg Bohanon, RN, BSN, CWS   Mayo Medical Center Wound Healing, Vascular Medicine
Michael Bonner, MPT, CWS Director of Rehabilitation Montgomery Regional Hospital  
Daniel James Bonomo, MD, CWS   St. John's Riverside Hospital Wound Care Center Internal Medicine, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Platelet Derived Growth Factor
Barbara J. Boone, BSN, MSN, CWS Director of Nursing McKendree Village, Inc. Geriatrics, Long Term Care
Stephen Borbely, DPM, CWS     Podiatry, Surgery
Anthony J. Borrelli, DPM, CWS   Ambulatory and Laser Foot Surgery Group  
Margarita Borrero, MD, CWS     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chronic Wounds
Douglas A. Borton, MPT, CWS   Sundance Rehabilitation Corporation Pressure Ulcers
Jill C. Botnick, BS, PT, CWS Senior Physical Therapist Highsmith-Rainey Memorial Hospital Acute Care, Wound Care
Joanne Marie Bowen, RN, CWS Clinical Consultant Interim Healthcare Diabetic Foot Wounds, Lower Extremity Wounds
Donn E. Bowers, MD, FACHM, CWS Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Department Delta Regional Medical Center Hyperbaric Medicine, Anesthesiology
Cindy Lou Boyd, BS, PT, CWS      
Stephen Boyd, MD, PhD, CWS Internal Medical Director Mannatech Inc. Pathophysiology of Wounds, Mechanisms of Wound Healing, Nutrition
Max R. Boykin Jr., BSN, ET, CWCN, CWS   Springhill Memorial Hospital Wound Care, Enterostomal Therapy, Hyperbaric Medicine, Lower Extremity Wounds, Diabetic Wounds
Hal Bozof, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry, Podiatric Surgery
Thomas M. Bozzuto, DO, FACHM, CWS Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine& Wound Care Service Baptist Medical Center Emergency Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine
Wendy Bracewell, RN, CWCN., CWS Wound Care Consultant Ferris Manufacturing Corporation  
Brenda S. Bradham, RN, C, CWS Resident Care Coordinator Grace More Nursing & Rehabilitation  
Charlotte Deanna Bradshaw, LPN, CWS   Applegate Home Health  
Tyler B. Brahm, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Susan K. Braig, RN, CWS Nurse Manager, Wound Care Specialist Good Samaritan Nursing Home Acute and Chronic Wounds, Skin Care, Wound Prevention
Maria A. Branca, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Bruce Brazinsky, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Barbara J. Bregande, RN, MS, CWS Health Care Consultant Advanced Nursing Forensics Clinical Specialist Med/Surg; Hospital/HealthCare Consultant
Richard Jay Brietstein, DPM, FACFAS, CWS     Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care
Leon Richard Brill, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Consulting Surgeon Wound Care Clinic of North Texas Reconstructive Foot Surgery, Diabetic Foot Problems, Wound Care
Michael Spencer Brogan, AS, BS, MS, PT, CWS Assistant Professor Daemen College Physical Therapy, Wound Management, Geriatrics
Karen E. Brooks, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Karen E. Brooks, DPM, PA Podiatry, Podiatric Surgery
Craig Broussard, RN, MSN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Carolyn Brown, BS, MEd, RN, CWS Corporate Director Research & Development Extendicare Health Services Education, Wound Management
Janice Kay Brown, BS, PT, CWS Director of Rehabilitation Services Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Pressure Ulcers, Geriatric Rehabilitation
Darlene Blakely Brown, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist The Rehabilitation Centers Wound Care
Joan E. Brown, DPM, CWS   Countryside Foot & Ankle Center Podiatry
Jeffrey Allan Brown, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Advance Medical Centers Podiatry
Beverly Brown, LPN, CWS      
Demaree L. Brown, RN, BS, CWS   Treasure Coast Wound Specialists  
Martha Brown, RN, CCM, CWS RN Supervisor CareSouth Home Care Professionals Home Health, Geriatrics
Barbara Brown, RN, CWS Stoma Nurse, Diabetes Educator Park Medical Center Wounds, Skin, Diabetes, Stomas
Lila J. Bruna, RN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Mary Bruno, RN, CWS   Timberidge Nursing & Rehab  
Bryan Bullard, DPM, CWS      
William Henry Buntin Jr., MD, CWS   Albany Anesthesia Associates PC Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care, Pain Management
H.B. Burke, DPM, DABPS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine H.B. Burke Office Podiatry, Diabetic Foot Care
Todd R. Burmeister, DPM, CWS      
Victoria S. Burnham, RN, CWS     Wound Management, Rehabilitative Nursing
Julia A. Burnham, RNC, MS, CWS Advanced Practice Nurse Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VA/Dept of Veterans Aff Gerontology, Education
Debra A. Burns, RN, CWS Director of Wound Management Statesman Health & Rehabilitation Center-Entendacare Geriatrics, Wound Management
Brian Butler, DPM, FACFAO, CWS Chairman, Department of Podiatry, Foot Surgery The Brooklyn Hospital Center Podiatry, Foot Surgery, Pedorthics
William P. Butler, MD, FACS, CWS     General Surgery, Hyperbaric Medicine
Jenny Byron, MSN, CWS      
Paz Susan Cabanero-Johnson, BS, PT, CWS   Rehab Solutions  
Stephen D. Cahill, DO, FACOS, CWS   Northeast Surgical Group, PC General Surgery, Breast Reconstruction, Wound Management
Barbara Campbell, DPM, FACFAOM, CWS     Diabetic Foot Care/Foot Surgery
Alan Cantor, DPM, CWS      
Evelyn Capdevila, MPT, CWS Physical Therapist    
Joseph M. Caporusso, DPM, CWS   Complete Family Foot Care  
Wanda Carlson, AD, CWS Clinical Nurse Consultant   Pressure Ulcers
Robin Lynn Carlson, BS,PT, CWS   Advanced Wound Consultants, Inc. Diabetic, Neuropathic Foot Ulcers
Betty Carr, RN, BSN, CRRN, CWS Director of Nursing Services Cortland Quality Care Geriatric Rehabilitation
William T. Carrigan, MD, CWS Medical Doctor William T. Carrigan, MD, PC General Surgery
Polly A. Carson, CWS Director, Clinical Research Roger Williams Medical Center, Department of Dermatology & Skin Surgery Dermatology Research, Clinical Trials
Stanley N. Carson, MD, FACS, CWS     General Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Ora Y. Carter, BSN, RN, CWS Program Manager The Mount Vernon Hospital Chronic Wound Treatment & Hyperbaric Program Management of Chronic and Acute Wounds
Joan S. Carvalho, BS, RN, CWS      
Jerome P. Casey, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Family Foot Center Podiatry
Roger B. Cash, MS, PT, CWS   Mercy Care Center  
Robert P. Casola, DO, CWS   Wound Works Orthopedic Surgery, Hyperbaric Medicine
Alan R. Catanzariti, DPM, CWS Director of Podiatric Residency Training Programs The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Foot & Ankle Institute of Western Pennsylvania Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery, Diabetic Limb Salvage
Lamar Cato, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Family Health Centers, Inc. Podiatry
Jamie W. Cavazos, BSN, CWS Supervisor Acute Care Visiting Nurse Association of Brooklyn Home Care, Wound Care, Pediatrics
John R. Ceglar, RN, CWS   Leesburg Regional Medical Center Outpatient Surgery  
Romana Venus I. Cellan, RN, BSN, CRCFEA, CWS   Medisys Management, Inc Wound Care Management, Geriatric Nursing
Mary Chambers, RN, BSN, CWS Senior Clinical Nurse PHS Corporation/BOP Medical, Surgical, Wound Care
Verdelle G. Chambliss, RPT, CWS Chief Physical Therapist Center Alabama Veteran Health Care System  
Michael W. Chaney, BSN, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist US Public Health Service Phoenix Indian Medical Center Podiatry
Zulma Chardon, RN, BS, WCN, CWS Registered Nurse Specialist University of Florida, Student Health Care Center Wounds, College Health
Robert P. Charnam, DPM, CWS     Podiatry, Foot and Ankle
Larry K. Chase, MD, FACE, CWS Medical Director Center for Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
Nancy Kean Chatham, RN, CWS   VNA Morgan & Scott Company Wound Care
Arun Chervu, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Vascular Surgery Associates, PC General Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Gary W. Chessman, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery, Diabetic Foot Infections, Lower Extermity Wounds, Ulcers
John R. Chiaro Jr., DPM, CWS   John R. Chiaro, Jr., DPM Podiatry
Norman J. Chideckel, MD, CWS     Vascular Surgery
Melody Chong, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Surgery, Orthopedics
Vern M. Christensen, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Gilmore Orthopedic Clinic Podiatric Surgery
George A. Chudleigh, MS, PT, CWS   Columbia Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Wound Care
Joseph John Ciccio, BS, PT, CWS Director of Wound Care Services Home Therapy Products Wound Care
Catherine R. Cinquina, LPN, CLTC, CWS Assistant Director of Nursing The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay Chronic and Acute Wound Care Management, Prevention, and Treatment, Geriatric Care
Valentino J. Ciullo, DPM, CWS      
William Claprood, RN, CWS   Premier Associates  
Terry C. Claycomb, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Janet Clayton, RN, CWCN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Eloise Coaty, RN, AD, CWS   Dubuis Hospital Wound Care, Gerontology, Nurse Education
Steven Coburn, MS, BS, BA, PT, CWS   Cheyenne Health Care  
Beatriz Coccaro, MSN, ARNP, CWS Head Nurse-Hyperbaric Medicine and Problem Wounds Division Jackson Memorial Hospital Wound Healing, Hyperbaric Medicine
William Gerald Cochran, MD, CWS Medical Director Rowan Regional Wound Care Center Plastic Surgery
Andrew H. Cohen, DPM, CWS Director Diabetic Foot Center of Mid-Michigan Podiatry
Jeffrey Cohen, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Cohen & Rosen, PA Podiatric Surgery
Frank E. Colabella, DPM, MS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Somerset Podiatry Podiatric Surgery
Susan Michelle Colgan, LPN, CMCN, CWS   Sten-Barr Medical Inc. Wound Care, Legal Nurse
William E. Collier, MD, CWS Medical Director Health Resources Group-Wound Management Ctr. Family Practice
Margaret Colliflower, RN, CWS   Bayside Care Center  
Margaret Collins, RN, CIC, CWS Infection Control Practitioner Hospital for Special Care Infection Control
Paul A. Colon, DPM, CWS   American Foot & Leg Specialists, PC Podiatry
Margaret Ann Concini, RN, CWOCN, CWS Wound Care Coordinator Holy Spirit Hospital Wound Care, Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment, Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure, Venous Ulcer Management
Michelle R. Congleton, MPT, CWS   Citrus Valley Medical Center`  
Laura A. Conklin, MSA, BSN, RN, ONC, CWS Manager for Subacute Units Lakeland Center Orthopedics, Wound Care
Colleen L. Conlen, RN, CWS      
Laurence K. Connelley, Jr., DPM, CWS   West Little Rock Foot Clinic Neuropathic Ulcerations of the Foot
Steven Alan Conner, DPM, JD, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Steven A. Conner, DPM, PC Podiatry, Health Care Law
Teresa A. Conner-Kerr, PhD, PT, CWS   Dept. of Physical Therapy, East Carolina University Physical Therapy, Wound Management
Nelo L. Conol, MD, FICS, CCHP, CWS Medical Director PHS/EMSA Correctional Care General Practice, General Surgery
Michael Conto, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Colleen A. Coogan, RN, BSN, CCRN, CWS National Clinical Specialist Huntleigh Healthcare Wound Care, Critical Care
Theresa Cook, BSN, CWS      
Lydia R. Cooke, MPT, CWS      
Theresa A. Coomes, MHA, MN, CWS Geriatric Nurse Practitioner   Geriatrics, Wound Care
Renee Beausoleil Cordrey, MS, PT, CWS Physical Therapy Verdugo Hills Hospital Wound Care, Education
Diana Astrid Correa, BS, PT, CWS   Mt. Sinai/St. Francis Nursing Center  
Jami Correia, RN, CWS   Caretenders Home Health Wound Care
Leann Cortimiglia-Bish, RNC, CWS   UCSD Regional Burn Center/Wound Healing Clinic Burns, Wounds
Florin Costache, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Florin Costache, DPM, LLC Podiatry
Mary Anne Cottle-Dutton, PhD, MS-RD, MS, CWS Senior Physical Therapist, Clinical Wound Specialist Marbe Rehab Growth Factors, Molecular, Cellular, Nutrient Components of Wound Healing
Steven Gregg Couper, BMS, BS, PA-C, CWS   Parkcrest Surgical Association Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Care
James H. Courniotes II, DPM, CWS   Foot Specialists Associates, Inc. Surgery
Anna Covington, DPM, CWS   Cumberland Podiatry Center Wound Care/Diabetic Foot Care
Monica J. Cox, ARNP, MSN, MPH, CWS   Bradenton Neurology Associates Geriatrics, Neurology
Karen Y. Cox, BS, PT, Cert MDT, CWS Senior Physical Therapist/Director Franklin Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy, Inc. Medical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine, Wound Management
Sheryl Cox, BS, PT, CWS Clinical Consultant Hill-Rom Manual Lymph Drainage
Steffanie Cox, BS, PT, CWS   Professional Rehabilitation Associates  
Stefanie L. Cozad, PT, CWS Physical Therapist Frye Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation/Neuro, Wound Care
Garnet R. Craddock, MD, FACS   Newnan Hospital General Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Deborah Jo Craig, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Savoy Medical Center Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, Education, Wound Management
Diane M. Cramer, LPN, CWS   Florida Medical Center Wound Care, Ostomy
Larry Cremeans, DPM, CWS      
Joseph A. Crisfaulli, DPM, FACFAS, CWS     Podiatry
William E. Crisp, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Arizona Heart Hospital, Wound Healing Center Gynecology, Gynecologic Oneology, Wound Care
Larry Cubi, RPTA, CWS, CWT   Surrey Place of Ocala Wound Care, Weight Training
Julie Ann Cucco, BSN, MSA, CWS Clinical Manager Mt. Clemens General Hospital Wound Care Center Wound Management, Lower Extremity Ulcers
Diana Cunningham, RN, CWS Patient Care Coordinator Wilson County Hospital  
Geraldine M. Cutler, PT, CWS Clinical Manager Allegheny and Chesapeake Physical Therapy, Inc. Geriatrics
Janice Z. Cuzzell, BSN, MA, CWS Vice President of Service Development and Wound Management Consultant Island Healthcare, Inc. Home Care, Skin and Wound Care, Acute, Chronic, Burns, Dermatologic Disorders
Thomas Jude Cypher, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Albert Dabbah, MD, CWS Medical Doctor    
John P. Dahdah, DPM, FACFS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Foot & Ankle Health Group Podiatry
Mary I. Dallas, MS, PT, CWS Director Physical Therapy Life Care Geriatrics
Michael J. D'Almeida, DO, CWS   Northeast Surgical Group PC General Surgery, Surgical Nutrition, Wound Care
Edward J. Daly, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Citrus Podiatry Center, PA Podiatry
Chat Van Dang, MD, CWS Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine King -Drew Medical Center Emergency Medicine, General Surgery
Mark W. Dardis, PhD, PT, CWS Chief Rehabilitation Services US Public Health Service Certified Hand Therapist, Wound Specialist
Sherilyn A. Daun, RN, CRNI, CCM, CWS   Interim Healthcare  
Himanshu Dave, Bsc, PT, CWS Clinical Supervisor Physical Therapy Services NocaCare, Inc Physical Therapy, Wound Management, Orthopedics
Virginia Davis, ADN, CWS Case Manager Curative Health Services Wound Care
Julian Scott Davis, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Tyrone T. Davis, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Total Foot Care, Inc. Podiatry
Cynthia L. Davis, RN, BA, CWS     High Technology IV, Wound Specialist
Walter F. D'Costa, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Joseph F. De Boskey, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Tri-Co Podiatric Association LLP Podiatry
Daniel De La Pava, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Daniel De La Pava, MD, LTD Plastic Surgery
Martha M. De Velasco, DPM, CWS   Sells Indian Health Service Podiatry
Angela Marie DeAntonio, MD, FCCP, CWS Associate, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Wound Care Management Pennsylvania State Geisinger Medical Center Pulmonary, Critical Care, Wound Care Medicine
Robert DeBiec, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Ankle & Foot Care Centers Podiatric Surgery/Wound Management
Joseph A. DeCesare, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Wound Recovery Center at Kent County Memorial Hospital Surgery, Diabetes
John Joseph Decicco, DPM, FACFAS, CWS      
Phillip Dale DeCubellis, DPM, CWS Director Wound Care Center: South Shore Hospital Podiatry, Wound Care
Mark E. DeGarmo, MPT, CWS   Winchester Medical Center Wound Care, Ostomy Rehabilitation
Diane M. Deitz, MSN, RN, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist Jersey Shore Medical Center Wound and Ostomy Management
Alberto R. DeLa Cruz, MD, CWS   Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery for Chronic Venous Ulcers
Christopher S. Delaney, MD, CWS Medical Director Coastal Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services, Inc Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Wound Care
Raymond R. Delisle, DPM, CWS   Indian Health Service, Sells IHS Hospital Podiatry
Douglas L. DeMar, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery
James R. DeMeo, DPM, FACFAS, CWS      
Sharon C. Denning, RN, CWS   Albany Anesthesia Associates PC  
Robert N. Dennis, BS, PT, MEd, CWS   Hendrick Health Services Acute Rehab  
Marcela N. Denzer, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist White Plains Hospital Center  
Kay Depew, RN, CWS Senior Community Home Health Registered Nurse Wedco Home Health Home Health Care, Wound Care Management
Gonzalo A. Diaz, MD, FCCP, CWS   Providence Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine
Luz S. Diaz, MS, PT, CWS   Veterans Administration  
Luz Diaz, PT, CWS      
Lawrence A. DiDomenico, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Ankle & Foot Care Centers Podiatry
Susan E. Dieter, RN, BA, CWCN, CWS President SD Consulting Wound Management
Maria G. Dill, MD, CWS Medical Director Valley Baptist Wound Care Center Family Practice
Karen D'Imperio, RNC, BSN, LNHA, CWS Assistant Administrator Valley Health Care Center Geriatrics
George Peter Dingeldein, MD, CWS Medical Doctor   Plastic Surgery
Marietta S. Dinopol, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Geriatrics, Management
Michelle Donaldson-Bailey, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry, Diabetic Foot Care
Mary Beth Dorgan, BS, CWS Chief Physical Therapy US Public Health Service, Cherokee Indian Hospital  
Steven M. Dosick, MD, CWS   Toledo Vascular Institute  
Zila O. Douglas, LPN, CLTC, CWS Wound Care Manager Capital Health Care Center Rehabilitation, Long Term Care, Support Surfaces, Specialty Beds, Geriatrics
Wilda Drake, LPN, CWS   Allied Skilled Nursing Center Wound Management, Restorative Nursing
Barry Drossner, DPM, CWS      
Sunne W. Duhon, RN, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Marisol Dullavin, RN, AAS, CWS   Knoll Pharmaceutical Co. Wound Management, Gerontology
Karen Lynn Dumesnil, PT,CWS Physical Therapist Accelerated Care Plus/ Sun Dance  
Melissa Knox Dumm, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Advantage Foot Care Associates Podiatry
Duane Dumm, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Advantage Foot Care Associates Podiatry
Denardo Dunham, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Surgery
Timothy G. Dutra, DPM, MS, CWS     Podiatric Surgery, Podiatric Orthopedics, Diabetic Foot, Wound Management
Catherine Ann Eager, BSN, RNC, ETN, CWS Wound and Skin Consultant Wound Care Protocols, Inc  
Demetrios Econopouly, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Deann Jay Edgers, RNC, MN, CWS Wound and Skin Consultant Village Health Care Wound and Skin Management, Chronic Wounds, Diabetic Care
Dale T. Edwards, RN, CHT, CWS   St. Joseph Candler Hospital Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care
Richard J. Egerman, DPM, CWS   Podiatry Services of Florida Podiatry
Luis B. Eiber, DPM, CWS   Hialeah Foot Center Podiatric Surgery
David Eisenbud, MD, CWS   Millburn Surgical Associates Vascular Surgery
Evelyn Adele Ellis, RN, CLTC, CWS   Palm Garden Prevention, Long Term Care
Robert G. Ellison Jr., MD, CWS   Vascular Surgery Associates of North Florida, PA Vascular Surgery, General Surgery
Kathleen S. Ellison, RN, CWS Wound, Skin, Ostomy Manager Bi-County Community Hospital Wound Care, Ostomy Care
Michael Elmore, MD, CWS   Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine
Kenneth J. Emch, DPM, CWS   Ankle & Foot Care Centers Podiatry
Albert G. Endler, RN, MSN, CWS Officer in Charge/Major 514th ASTS Family Nurse Practitioner, Oncology
Louis J. Endris, IV, LPTA, CWS      
William J. Ennis, DO, FACOS, CWS Medical Director Wound Treatment Program Christ Hospital & Medical Center Vascular Surgery, Family Medicine, Wound Care
Christine J. Eremento, LPN, CWS Quality Improvement Coordinator Neighbor Care, Inc. Wound Care, Long Term Care, Geriatrics
Darla Rae Rouse Erhard, RN, BSN, CWS Wound Care Coordinator Medshares Home Care, Wound Care
David Erman, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Susan E. Erredge, DPM, FACFAS, FACFAOM, CWS   Motion Analysis Consultants, Inc  
Thomas F. Ertle, DPM, CWS   Private Practice Podiatry
Dana Evans, DPM, CWS      
Chet Evans, MS, DPM, CWS Associate Vice-President and Dean Barry University, Graduate Medical Sciences Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Wound Management
Mary Ann Ezzeh, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Anna F. Falabella, MD, CWS Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Miami School of Medicine Dermatology, Wound Healing
Kathleen Reilly Fallon, DPM, BS, CWS   St. Claire's Hospital & Health Center Podiatric Surgery, Diabetic Foot Care, Wound Care
Karen Renee Farrell, ANP, MA, CWS Nurse Practitioner Division of Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System Medical- Surgical, Spinal Cord Injury
Bruce G. Fawcett, DPM, CWS     Podiatry, Surgery, Wound Care
Jeffrey A. Feedar, BS, PT, CWS Director Wound Care Associates Wound Care, Sports Medicine
Barbara J. Fein, RN, CWS   LifeCare Center Scottsdale Long Term Care, Wound Care, Infection Control
David Patrick Feller, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Ankle & Foot Center Podiatric Surgery
Cindy L. Felty, RN, MSN, CWS Registered Nurse    
John V. Fenice, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Surgery
Victor H. Feske, MD, CWS Medical Director Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Emergency Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine
Twila Fickel, DPM, CWS   Chadron Foot Center  
Caroline E. Fife, MD, CWS Associate Professor, Director University of Texas,Health Science Center/Hermann Center for Wound Healing Wound Healing, Transcutaneous Oximetry in Wound Assessment, Diabetic Foot, Stasis Ulcers
Matthew Fineman, DPM, CWS   Foot & Ankle Centers  
Matthew J. Finnegan, MD, CWS Chief Executive Officer Mobile Wound Management Systems/The Woodbury Professional Bldg. General Surgery
Eddie Fischman, DPM, CWS      
Randolph Fish, DPM, CWS   Franciscan Health System  
Denise M. Fitzgerald, MSN, RN, NP, CWS, CVN, RVT Vascular Nurse Practitioner Vascular Surgery Asoociates of Rochester General Hospital Vascular Surgery, Wound Management
Rosanne Flann, PT, CWS Physical Therapist St. John's Lutheran Ministries Long Term Care Education
Reyne A. Flavion, PTA, CWS   St. Vincent Hospital Physical Therapy Modalities/Treatments for Acute and Chronic Wounds
Karen A. Fleck, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Emergency Resources Group Family Practice, Practicing Emergency Medicine
Cynthia A. Fleck, RN, BSN, ET, CWS Clinical Applications Manager, Nationl Trainer Crown Therapeutics, Inc Pressure Ulcer Management Education
Bonnie K. Fleegle, RN, ET, CWS Registered Nurse Altoona Hospital Woundcare
Susan Trotter Fletcher, MSN, RN, CFNP, CWS Diabetic Nurse Practitioner GV "Sonny" Montgomery VA Medical Center Family Nurse Practitioner, Diabetes
Arthur Bartholomew Flick, MD, CWS   Mountain Medical Specialties Orthopaedic Surgery, Wound Care
Shannon Fogarty, MA, MS, PT, CWS Clinical Assistant Professor Texas Woman's University- Ben Taub Hospital Debridment, Geriatric, Decubiti
Maria Foy, RN, CWS      
Karen M. Franz, RN,C, CWS Director of Education Wound Specifix Inc. Education, Burn Management
Holly Marguerite Franzen, MPT, CWS      
Stephen Frascone, DPM, CWS   Doctors Grant, Hodor, Frascone Podiatry
Lee R. Fraum, DPM, CWS   Joplin Area Family Foot Care PC Podiatric Surgery, Diabetic Foot Care, Wound Care
Bruce M. Freedman, DPM, CWS     Foot Surgery
David Jay Freedman, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   David Jay Freedman, DPM, PA Podiatry
William A. Freundlich, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Jacqueline Frost, RN, BSN, CWS   Shriners Hospitals Pediatrics, Myleodysplasia
Janice E. Frydman, RN, BSN, CWS Regional Manager MedSTAR Medical, Inc. Geriatric Nursing, Education, Wound Management
Edward Fryman, DPM, CWS   Seaford Foot Care Center Podiatry
James W. Fuller, MD, FACS, CWS Rehabilitation Medicine Coordinator Paragon, Inc Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Lisa Funfsinn, RN, CWS Registered Nurse St. Margaret Hospital  
Rodney Gerard Gadson, DPM, CWS      
Venus L. Gaines, BSN, CWS Director Wound Healing Center National Healthnet Corporation, Arizona Heart Hospital Wound Care, Ostomy
John Galan, MS, RRT, CHT, CWS Director, Hyperbaric and Wound Treatment Center Knapp Medical Center Wound Care, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Diabetic Foot, Pedorthics
Jon B. Gallinatti, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Robert E. Gallucci, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Gerald J Gambale, DPM, CWS     Surgery
Nirumpama Ganorkar, Msc, PT, CWS Physical Therapist St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Plymouth Campus Wound Care
Michael Garaygay, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist    
Robert Garber, DPM, CWS   VA Medical Center  
Dagoberto Garcia, MD, CWS     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Loretta Garfunkel, OTR/L, CWS   Veterans Administration Extended Care Center Wound Management, Pain Management
Gail F. Garofalo, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Matthew G. Garoufalis, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Professional Foot Care Specialists/Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Centers of Illinois Podiatric Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Healing, Diabetic Foot, Venous Stasis Ulcers
Matthew G. Garoufalis, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Professional Foot Care Specialists/Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Centers of Illinois Podiatric Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Healing, Diabetic Foot, Venous Statis Ulcers
Judy L. Gates, RN,c, CWS Wound Care Specialist Maricopa Medical Center Wound-Ostomy-Continence, Diabetes, Patient Education
Anthony J. Gatti, DPM, CWS Chief Executive Officer Marietta Podiatry Group Podiatric Surgery, Podiatry
Paula Gauld, PT, CWS      
James Gebhart, DO, CWS Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Sharon Regional Health Systems  
Helen B. Gelly, MD, FACEP, CWS Medical Doctor Cobb Hyperbaric Medicine Emergency Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine
Susan Gelsi, RN, CWS   Sarasota Memorial Hospital- Center for Wound Healing  
Valerie Genova, LPN, CWS Wound Skin Coordinator Walcott View Manor Wound Care and Skin Integrity
Bob Gentry, Jr., RN, BSN, CETN, CWS Vice President Education Foundation Management Services Wound Management
Michael L. Gerber, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Advanced Footcare Centers, P.C.  
Marla Gerdes, RN, BSN, ET, CWS   Tyco Healthcare-Kendall  
Dale Gertsch, BA, PT, CWS Physical Therapist Huntington Memorial Hospital Wound Care Management
Patricia Gettings, LPN, CWS   Valley Care Nursing Home  
Mary Jo Geyer, MS, PT, CWS Adjunct Faculty, Research Assistant University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Exercise Physiology
Louis Giannone, DPM, CWS   Mount Kisco Podiatry, PC  
Michael Giannone, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Northern Westchester Hospital Center/Wound Care Program Foot Surgery, Wound Care
Vito N. Giardina, DPM, CWS Chief of Podiatry Comprehensive Wound Care Center, St. Agnes Health Care Podiatry, Lower Extremity Wounds
Susan Gibson, RNC, CWS   West Melbourne Health Care Center Geriatric Pressure Ulcers
Robert E. Gilbert, BS, MS, PT, CWS      
Leslie J. Gilbert, MD, CWS Medical Director, Cleveland Center for Wound Healing St. Vincent Charity Hospital Vascular Medicine
Violet J. Gilbert, RN, CWS     Orthopedics, Diabetic Wounds, Lower Extremity Wounds
Susan Gilbert, RNC, CWS      
Barbara Gill, RN, CWS Director Clinical Services HBA Corporation  
Sonya Renee Gillespie, RN, CWS Account Executive American Home Patient  
Greta Melissa Gilson, MSA, RN, CWS Director of Clinical and Training Cardio Systems Cardio Systems Pressure Ulcers, Leg Ulcers, Nutrition, Wound Healing
Marc D. Ginsburg, DPM, CWS   Capital Region Foot Care Podiatric Surgery, Wounds
Joseph Gioffre, DPM, CWS   Joseph Gioffre, DPM, PC Podiatry
Angela Giordano, RN, BSN, CWS Wound Care Consultant    
Hanasoge Girishkumar, MD, FACS, CWS Attending in Surgery;Assistant Professor in Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx Lebanon Hospital Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Martin Girling, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Foot Health Center Podiatric Surgery, Diabetic Wound Care
Marietta Glazer,RN,MS,LMHC,CETN,CWS   Memorial Regional Hospital Enterostomal Therapy, Mental Health Counselor, Wound Care
John A. Glenn, Jr., MD, CWS   Community Healthcare Services, PC Minor Surgery
Shellye Godfrey, BS, OTR/L, CHT, CWS Occupational Therapist The Hand Therapy Center Hand/Upper extremity Therapy, Burns, Amputations
Elizabeth Goitz, RN, BS, CWS   Home Health Inc.  
Charles F. Gokoo, MD, CWS   Wound Care Consultants Chronic Wound Care, Venous Diseases, Leg Ulcerations
Robert J. Goldstein, DPM, CWS   Seminole Podiatry Center Surgery, Chronic Wound Care, Alternative Amputation Wound Care Protocols
Israel Goldstein, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM, CWS   Foot Specialists of El Paso Podiatric Surgery
Debra Gonzalez, LPN, CHT, CWS   St. Joseph's Wound & Hyperbaric Center  
Todd H. Goodman, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Lakeshore Medical Clinic Podiatry
Parakkat Gopalakrishnan, MD, CWS   Mullins Surgery Center  
Sloan Gordon, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Foot Care Associates, PA Podiatry, Diabetes, Wound Care
Janice B. Graham, RN, CDE, CWS   Pella Regional Health Center Diabetes Education, Wound Management
Richard L. Grant, DPM, CWS      
Tomasz S. Grass, BS, PT, CWS   Colonial Hills Nursing Center  
Barbara Gratta, PTA, CWS      
Kathy Lynn Gray, RN, ON, CWS Ostomy Nurse Adena Regional Medical Center Ostomy Education, Skin Care Consultant
Dennis Green, DPM, CWS   Professional Foot & Ankle Center Forefoot Reconstruction, Podiatry
Beverly Green, LPN, CWS   MEDIQfst Support Surfaces
Judith Y. Greenhaw, CWS Licensed Vocational Nurse Ancillary Provider Services Skin, Wounds, Lower Leg Ulcers
Sharon Z. Griff, PT, CWS Physical Therapist Riverside Regional Medical Center  
Mark Griffis, MD, CWS     Family Medicine, Diabetes, Wound Healing
Cheryl Griffith, RN, CWS HH Aide Supervisor, Staff Development, Infection Control Coordinator Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma/Home Health  
Henry S. Gross, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Ridgefield Podiatry Associates/N. Stamford Podiatry Associates Podiatric Surgery
Michael R. Grossman, DPM, CWS     Wound Management, Chronic Wounds
Trudy C. Grossman, MS, PT, CWS   The Rehabilitation Institute of Edward White Hospital Balance & Gait, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Neurology, Pressure & Venous Ulcers, Case Management
Debora Ruth Guice, RN, BSN, CWS RN Administrator   Home Health Care, Managed Care, Geriatrics
Stephen Guida, DPM, CWS     Foot Surgery
Charles J. Gulas, BA, PT, CWS Geriatric Clinical Specialist Rehab Choice Unlimited Geriatric Physical Therapy, Neurology, Wound Management
D. Diane Gundersen, RN, CWS Wound Care Coordinator Medical Home Health Care Home Health Care, Wound Care and Management
Maria Josephine Almeida Gutierrez, PT, CWS   Select Specialty Hospital-Houston Heights Wound Care
Rebecca A. Guttermuth, RN, CWS     Wound Treatment and Prevention
Richard Guzman, BS, PT, MBA, CWS Director of Rehabilitation Integrated Health Services Hospital at Dallas Wound Care, Long Term Acute Care
Kris Haase, DPM, CWS      
Patricia Haberer, RN, BSN, MA, CWS Clinical Education Manager Smith & Nephew Education
Mary Ellen Haisfield-Wolfe, RN, CWS Senior Clinical Nurse, Research Associate Johns Hopkins Oncology Center  
John D. Halebian, DPM, CWS      
Christine M. Hall, BSN, RN, ET, CWS Nurse Consultant   Geriatrics
Robert Kirk Hall, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Gail L. Hall, PT, GCS, Med, CWS Physical Therapist Spectrum Therapy Home Health Care Home Care, Geriatrics, Wound Care, Arthritis, Diabetes
Joan Hall, RN, CWS     Pressure Areas, Ostomy Care
Clifford J. Hallman, BS, OT, CWS   Mercy's Institute Rehabilitation  
Patricia Hall-Rogers, RN, CWS      
Barbara Halver, RN, CWS   Homelink of St. Peter's Hospital Wound Care
Marvis Madeline Hambleton, PTA, CWS Physical Therapy Assistant   Geriatrics
Cynthia Lynn Hamilton, BSN, CWS   Home & Community Health Services, Inc. Medical-Surgical Nursing, Wound Care
Cynthia Levera Hamilton, LPN, CWS Patient Care Coordinator Kingswood Manor  
Rose L. Hamm, BS, PT, CWS   Good Samaritan Hospital Diabetic Foot
Terry D. Hanak, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Cox Health Systems  
Eleanor Hanley, BSN, MAT, CWS Staff Nurse   Wound Care, Gerontology
Dennis Hannagan, LPN, CWS      
John W. Harlan, MD, FACS, CWS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center   Plastic Surgery, Wounds, Reconstructive Surgery, Muscle Flaps
Maureen Harnishfeger, MPT, CWS Physical Therapist St. Agnes Medical Center Burns/Wound Management
Elizabeth Harper, PT, CWS   Wound Solutions  
Gregg Michael Harris, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Drew A. Harris, DPM, CWS      
Charity V. R. Willis Harris, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse Parkway Regional Medical Center  
Dasyln E. Harris, PhD, CWS Manager Rehabilitation Services Riverside Hospital Wound Management
Naomi Harris, PT, CWS Physical Therapist    
Ann Harris, RN, MSN, CS, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist Independent Practice  
Laurie A. Harris, RNC, BSN, CWS President Care South Nursing  
Linda Harrison-Mills, LPN, RN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse Lakeland Specialty Hospital, Berrien Wound Care Treatments, Prevention, Education
Alan Hartstein, DPM, CWS   Mobile Wound Care Associates, LLC Podiatry
Jonathan L. Harwayne, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Kimberly S. Hathaway, DPM, CWS   Cuyahoga Falls Foot Care, Inc Podiatry
Daniel M. Hauswald, BS, LPT, CWS Licensed Physical Therapist Hauswald Enterprises, Ltd. Ortho, Sports Rehabilitation, Wound Care
Bradley C. Haves, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Bradley C. Haves, DPM, PA Wound Care, Diabetes
Joseph A. Havlik, Jr., MD, CWS   Cobb Wound Treatment Center/West Georgia Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine
George Stephen Havrilla, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine McDuffie County Hospital Podiatry
Sandra Davis Haynie, ADAS, CWS   Mission & St. Joseph's Health Care System Wound Care, Diabetic Foot, Pedorthist
Judith Lynne Hays, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Shriners Burns Hospital Burns
Pattie Hazelwood, LPN, CWS   Guilford Health Care Center Ulcer Prevention and Treatment, Stasis, Diabetic, PVD Prevention
Dawn Elizabeth Heal, RN, C, CWS Clinical Manager Palms of Pasadena Wound Healing Center Wound, Ostomy Care, Gerontology
John P. Heggers, PhD, CWS Professor Surgery(Plastic) Microbiology and Immunology University of Texas Medical Branch/Shriners Burns Hospital Clinical Microbiologist, Surgical and Burn Wound Infections and Healing
Jill Heitzman, BS, PT, CWS Clinical Coordinator of Education Mary Greeley Medical Center Wound Care Management, Geriatrics
David P. Heller, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Linda C. Hemingway, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist    
Patrick Hennelly, PT, CWS Senior Physical Therapist University of Virginia Burn & Wound Healing Center Wound Management, Burn Care & Lymphedema Management
Eileen Therese Hennie, RN, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse St. Vincent Charity Hospital/Cleveland Center Wound Healing Wound Care
Victor Elton Henry, DPM, CWS   Largo Foot & Ankle Health Center Podiatry, Surgery, Wound Care Specialist
Samantha Linda E. Henson, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Columbia Hospital Wound Care, Telemetry
Laurie A. Hepler, MSPT, CWS Senior Physical Therapist Temple University Hospital Burns
Adelaide A. Herbert, MD, CWS   University of Texas Medical School-Houston  
Vicky Marie Somogyi Hernandez, ADN, CWS Lead Nurse Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children/Burns Unit at Galveston Burns
Rosa Nilda V. Hernandez, RPT, CWS Registered Physical Therapist IHS-Horizon Specialty and Rehabilitation Center  
Peggy Baker Herren, BS, OT, CWS Occupational Therapist Decatur General Hospital  
Arnold M. Hertz, DPM, CWS      
John J. Hickey, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Junji H. Higuchi, MD, CWS Medical Doctor J.H. Higuchi, MD, PA Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases
Ralph Hill, Jr., MD, CWS   Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center  
Cherie M. Hills, RN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Jacqueline C. Hilpl, PT, CWS   Morton Plant Mease Healthcare Wound Care, Incontinence
Joyce M. Hilt, RN, CETN, CWS Wound Ostomy Care Coordinator Sarasota Memorial Home Care, Inc. Wounds, Ostomy
June M. Hiraki, RN, BSN, BA, CETN, CWS Pateint Education Coordinator Hilo Meical Center  
Steven Hirsh, DPM, CWS      
Byron J.M. Ho, DPM, CWS Staff Podiatrist VA North Texas Health Care System Podiatry, Surgery
Daryle Ann Ho, RN, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse   Wound Care Products
Robert A. Hoagland, RN, CWS Primary Wound Care Nurse Sharon Regional Health System Primary Wound Care
Mary B. Hockaday, ASN, CWS Clinical Manager Winona Wound Center Wound Care
Daniel Hodor, DPM, CWS   RL Grant and D Hoder, PC  
Carole E. Hoff, LVN, CWS Assistant Wound Care Coordinator Citizens Home Health/Hunt Memorial Hosp. District Wound Care
LouBrenda Hoiles Kodish, BA, RN, ET, CWS Director of Education, Wound Therapist THC Hospital-Hollywood Wound Management, Staff Development, Nursing Instructor
Diane Holland, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist    
Philip W. Holloway, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Bruce J. Holtzman, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Bruce J. Holtzman, DPM, PC Podiatry
Lynda Hopkins, RN, CWS   Providence Portland Medical Center/Wound Care  
Judith Ann Horn, MS, PT, GCS, CWS Senior Clinical Specialist- Physical Therapy Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital Geriatrics, Wound Management
Lon Randolph Horwitz, DPM, CWS   Foot Comfort Clinic of Cherry Creek Foot Surgery
Lenord S. Horwitz, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Foot Pain Associates Podiatry
Delma T. Houlahan, RN, CWS   Vencor Hospital Philadelphia Wound Care, Critical Care
Natalie Housel, MA, PT, CWS Rehabilitation Director/Therapy Supervisor Health Park Care Center Geriatrics, Wound Care
Neal P. Houslanger, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Jada L. Howard, LPN, CWS Clinician, LPN   Wound Management
Daniel C. Hsu, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Wound Management
Jane Huckins, RN, CWS Coordinator North Ridge Wound Care
Georgia Lee Hudson, LPN, CWS      
Pamela Jones Humpel, DPM, CWS   Foot & Ankle Centers Podiatry, Surgery
Terry R. Hunsberger, DO, CWS Physician   Family Practice
Heather Leigh Hunter, MPT, CWS   Torrance Memorial Medical Center Burns, Wound Care
Syed Khalid Husain, DPM, CWS Podiatric Physician Talcott Foot & Ankle Specialists Podiatric Medicine
Deborah Kay Husick, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Bon Secour Holy Family Hospital Wound Care
Tayeb S. Hussain, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Margaret B. Huys, RN, CWS Registered Nurse    
George Ilodi, DPM, PhD, MS, CWS   Foot and Ankle Health Care  
Kyle Ingram, BS, OT, CWS   Mercy's Pacific Institute of Rehabilitation  
Carl M. Ingrassia, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Glenn L. Irion, PT, Ph.D, CWS Associate Professor University of Central Arkansas Research, Modalities for Healing
Thomas J. Irish, MD, CWS Medical Doctor    
Michael R. Isaac, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Miyuki Isogai, BS, PT, CWS      
Shankar P. Iyer, FRCS, FACS, MS, CWS Surgeon Queens Long Island Medical Group General and Vascular Surgery
Jim Jacob, PT, CWS Staff Physical Therapist II   Physical Therapy
Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD, CWS Medical Director, President   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Gayle A. Jameson, RN, BSN, CWS Department Manager Wellstar Health System Wound Care, Ostomy Care
Sonia James-Reid, RN, BA, CWS   Sentech Medical Services Wound Management, Prevention, Treatment, Debridment
Glaphyra Gregor Irma Jean-Louis, MD, CWS Infection Control/QM/UR/Regulatory Affairs Consultant   Tropical Disease, Medical Parasitology, Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
Evelyne M. Jeanniton, MD, CWS     Internal Medicine, Endocrinology
Pamela M. Jeffries, BS, PT, CWS Director of Physical Therapy Decatur General Hospital Physical Therapy, Acute Care, Wound Management
D'Etta M. Jenkins, RN,C, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Barbara S. Jennings, RN,c, CWS Director of Client Education, Quality Assurance Beeber Pharmacies, Inc., Omni Care Wound Care, Gerontology
Daniel Jeran, DPM, CWS     Foot Surgery
Noel Jett, MPH, BS, CWS Director,Problem Wound Care/Hyperbaric Medicine Valdese General Hospital  
S. MIchelle Jett, MSN, BSN, CWS      
Aurelio Jimenez, DPM, CWS   Kokomo Podiatry Clinic Orthopedics, Surgery
Romel Jimera, RNC, CWS   Rush- St. Luke's Presbyterian Medical Center Gerontology
Pamela Johnson, AAS, CWS Staff Development Coordinator Clave Lakes Healthcare & Rehab Ctr. Gerontological Nursing
Warren H. Johnson, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery
Daniel K. Johnson, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine South Seattle Foot & Ankle Podiatric Medicine
Renee Johnson, RN, CWS Nurse Manager   Wound Care/ Skin Integrity
Vicie Johnson, RN, CWS Clinical Compliance Director   Wound Management, Geriatrics
Naida A. Johnson, RN, CWS     Wound Care, Critical Care
Jeanette R. Johnson, RN, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Mobile Medical Services Podiatric Medicine
Donna S. Johnson-Wills, LPN, CWS   Whitehall Boca Wound Care, Skin Integrity, Restorative Nurse
Timothy Chris Jones, BS, OTR/L, CWS Clinical Service Line Manager Schumpert Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Chronic Lower Extremity Ulcerations, Diabetic Foot
Rhonda M. Jones, BS, PT, CWS Senior Staff Physical Therapist Lenoir Memorial Hospital Wound Management
Constantine W. Jones, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Martin L. Jones, Jr., BS, PT, CWS Administrator Classic Healthcare Inc./ Classic Rehabilitation Inc. Wound Care
Olga M. Joplin, MPA, OTR, PTA, CDE, CHT, CWS   Veterans Administration Medical Center  
Douglas A. Jordan, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Diane Jones Josephs, OTR, CHT, CWS   South Coast Medical Center Hand Therapy, Wound Care, RSD
Joan Junkin,RN,MSN,CS,CRRN,CWS     Rehabilitation
Linda McFeeters Jurgenson, RN, CWS   Salem Hospital Home Health, Wound Care
Ronald Kahn, DPM, CWS      
Velusamy Kailasam, MBBS, CWS Physician Northern Colorado Allergy & Asthma Clinic Internal Medicine, Allergy, Immunology
Thomas M. Kain, III, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Mercy Fitzgerald Medical Office Bldg.  
Patricia Kaiser, RN, CWS   Toledo Vascular Institute  
Dean P. Kane, MD, FACS, CWS Medical Director, Wound Service Life Bridge Health Systems, Northwest Hospital Center Plastic Surgery
Neil Kaneshiki, MD, CWS Medical Director Puritan Park Medical Center General Surgery
Arkady Kaplansky, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Diana G. Karnavas, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Jeffrey C. Karr, DPM, CWS   Karr Foot Care  
Steven J. Kavros, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Mayo Clinic Podiatry
Rosemary Kazensky, RN, BSN, CWOCN, CWS RN, BSN, CWOCN   Wounds, Ostomy and Incontinence
Kevin J. Kelley, BSC, CHT, CWS     Wound Care, Hyperbarics, Acute and Chronic Wounds
Darlene A. Kelley, LPN, CWS     Wound Care
Jon A. Kelly, DPM, CWS Wound Specialist Podiatrist Pittsburgh Family Foot Care PC Podiatry, Wound Care
Richard Kelly, MD, CWS Vice President of Medical Affairs Genesis Health Ventures General Surgery
Kristal Ann Kemppainen, BS, PT, MHRD, CWS Lead Physical Therapist Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital Medical Surgical Acute Care, Subacute Care
Karen G. Kendall, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation
Patrick Kennedy, AAS, PTA, CWS Clinical Wound Care Specialist Saint Francis Center for Health and Rehabilitation Wound Management, Soft Tissue
Sherry Diane Kennedy, RN, BSN, CWOCN, CWS   Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Edward Kernick, Jr, DPM, CWS   Foot & Ankle Institute of Western Pennsylvania  
Christine M. Kesteloot, BGS, MSPT, CWS Physical Therapist    
Susan Lynn Ketterer, RN, CWS     Statis Ulcers
Larry A. Keyes, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Kenneth W. Kiker, BA, MBA, RN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Lori L. Killingsworth, LPN, CWS      
Richard King Jr., MD, CWS Medical Director HyOx Medical Treatment Center, Inc. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Diane G. King, LPN, CWS      
Cindy G. Kingery, RN, CWS Regional Representative   Wound Care, Support Surface Specialist, Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment
Larry Kipp, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Foot & Ankle Medical Center Podiatric Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedic
Robert S. Kirsner, MD, CWS Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Miami Dermatology, Wound Healing
Marc S. Kitrosser, DPM, CWS     Surgery
Elray Kizzar, DPM, CWS      
Sandra C. Klapot, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse    
Alexis M. Klapproth, MSN, CWS   Providence Alaska Medical Center Burns, Frostbite, Traumatic Loss of Skin
Maria Klatt, PTA, CWS   Genesis Eldercare Rehabilitation Services Sharp Debridment
Daniel Klein, DPM, CWS   Family Foot Care, PA  
Robert W. Kleinhenz, MD, CWS Medical Doctor    
Howard S. Kliman, DPM, CWS      
Richard Kloecker, MD, DSc, CWS     General and Vascular Surgery, Venous Disease, Lymphology
Luther C. Kloth, MS, PT, CWS Professor Marquette University, Physical Therapy Department/WSC-346 Electrical Stimulation, Pulsed Radio Frequency
Cristia Knerr, RN, AND, CWS Wound and Skin Care Specialist Veterans Administration Medical Center Wound Management, Geriatrics
Febie C.P. Knight, BS, PT, CWS Wound Care Consultant Beaufort Memorial Hospital Chronic and Acute Wound Care
Rita F. Kobb, MS, MN, CWS Nurse Practitioner .VA Medical Center/Dept. of Veterans Affairs Gerontology
Catherine Mary Koerner, RN, BSN, CETN, CWS   Bon Secours- Venice Home Health Enterostomal Therapy
Deborah Lynn Kolb, BSN, MSN, CWS   Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System Waco-ICF Gerontology
Lawrence Owen Kollenberg, DPM, FACFAS, BSR Ph, CWS      
Paula E. Koonce, BS, PT, CWS Licensed Physical Therapist West Calcasieu, Cameron Hospital  
Jeff Daniel Kopelman, DPM, MS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
David H. Korfin, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Medicine
Jerald Korman, MD, CWS     Obstetrics and Gynecology
Herbert E. Kosmahl, DPM, CWS   North Georgia Outpatient Surgery Center  
David C. Kraatz, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   David C. Kraatz, DPM Podiatric Surgery of Lower Extremity Wounds, Diabetic Wound Care
Lesli M. Kraiger, RN, CWS Nurse Case Manager/Clinical Specialist   Limb Salvage, Legal Case Review
Diane Krasner, PhD, RN, CETN, CWS   Wound Care Consultant Chronic Wounds, Qualitative Research
Susan Krause, BSN, CWS Clinical Consultant   Wound Care
Jeffrey Kravat, DPM, CWS      
Karen Kreel Johnson, BA, PT, CWS Administrative Director Physical Therapy Jersey Shore Hospital  
Judy Kreideweis, RN, CWS   Hyperbaric Oxygen, Inc. Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care
Cheryl L. Kuhn, RN, BSN, MS, CWS Registered Nurse Wound Care Consultants  
Suzanne B. Kuhn, RN, CWS Registered Nurse   Geriatrics
Mark W. Kunkel, DPM, CWS Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery University of Alabama-Birmingham Podiatry
David A. Kutlick, DPM, CWS Podiatrist Associates in Podiatric Medicine, Inc. Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Christine Lacedra, RN, BA, CWS Wound Care Consultant   Wound Consulting
Susan Lacure, MSN, CWS Adult Nurse Practitioner   Geriatrics
Kathleen E. Lafferty, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Physical Therapy
Adrian R. Lahr, PT, CWS   BI-County Community Hospital, RSA and Associates  
Pamela Lamb, PTA, CWS   University Hospital  
Lynn Marie Lambert, BS, CWS Director, Wound Healing Center National Healthnet Corp. Hyperbaric Medicine
Sandra Lambert, BS, PT, CWS Senior Physical Therapist Beverly Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Wound Care
Chester Ransom Lambert, RPT, CWS     Basic and Advanced Wound Care, Electrotherapy
Kartherine E. Lampe, PT, CWS   St. Ambrose University, PT Dept Modalities, Dressings
Patricia Lang, MD, CWS Medical Director HSRCH Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center  
Maureen R. Lannan, MD, CWS MD Lannan & Schlamp Clinic  
Herbert Lantor, DPM, CWS   Detroit Medical Ctr/Health Care Ctr  
Herbert A. Lantor, DPM, CWS Podiatrist Detroit Medical Center Podiatry
Misha Lanzat, DPM, MS, BS, CWS Podiatric Physician Family Foot Care Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Guido A. LaPorta, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine LaPorta & Associates, PC Podiatric Surgery
Scott N. LaRaus, BS, PT, CWS   Princeton Medical Center Wound Care
Brenda Large, RN, CWS Vice President of Administrative Affairs Advanced Wound Recovery Group Wound Care
Jerrie Larsen, BS, RN, MA, CRA, CWS Clinical Coordinator (PACT) Veterans Administration Medical Center  
Stephen D. Lasday, DPM, CWS      
Michael N. Laslie, MD, CWS Anesthesiologist Albany Anesthesia Associates, PC Anesthesiology
Therese P. Laub, LPN, CWS LPN, Wound Specialist   Wound Care
Anthony Laurento, Jr, BS, PT, CWS     Wound Care, Orthopedics
Karen T. Lavey, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Wound Recovery Center  
Carmen B. Lay Fremd, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Elizabeth Le, DPM, CWS Podiatrist   Podiatry
Qui Tan Le, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Ambulatory Foot Care  
Alfred Scott Lea, MD, CWS Medical Director Providence Wound Care Ctr. Internal Medicine
James D. Leahy, MD, CWS     Plastic Surgery
Suzanne Leaphart, RN, CWS     Wound Healing
Brenda K. Lear, BS, PT, CWS   Excel Rehabilitation Services Wound Management
Raymon Lee, DPM, CWS   RS Lee, DPM, Inc, PS Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Geriatric Foot Care
Stephanie Lee-Jahshan, PTA, CWS   Fountain Valley Regional Hospital  
Sara C. Leininger, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Wound Management
Tom LeMaire, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Wound Care
Barbara Ann Leonard, MS, RN, CWOCN, CWS WOC Nurse Specialist Private Practice  
Eric E. Leonhart, DPM, CWS   Three Rivers Foot & Ankle Associates/The Foot & Ankle Institute of Western Pennsylvania Diabetic Wounds, Surgical Reconstruction, Limb Salvage
Jeffrey LePage, PT, CWS Director of Rehabilitation Services    
Lou B. Lester, MSN, RN, CWS Clinical Case Manager   Med-Surg Nursing
Richard Levin, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Bruce Levine, DPM, CWS   Countryside Foot & Ankle Center  
Jeffrey Levine, MD, CWS Director, Wound Care Program   Geriatric Medicine
Franklin N. Levinson, DPM, FACFAS, CWS     Podiatry
Warren Stuart Levy, DPM, CWS Podiatrist   Podiatry
Glyn E. Lewis, DPM, CWS   Marietta Podiatry Group Podiatry
Kathleen Mary Lezon, RN, CWS President Healthcare Education Resources Nursing Continuing Education, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Chronic Wound Care
Jay D. Lifshen, DPM, CWS   Southwest Podiatry Associates Podiatry
Jack E. Lighton, DO, FACOS, CWS   Wound Care Center, John F. Kennedy Hospital Vascular Surgery
Marketa Limova, MD, CWS Associate Clinical Professor   Dermatology
Pamela Lindsey, LPN, CLTC, CWS      
Stanojka Lipovac, MD, MPT, CWS Director of Rehabilitation Services   Physical Therapy
Douglas J. Livingston, DPM, CWS   South Jersey Foot & Ankle Centers Wound Care Management
Agnes Urbas Llewellyn, MSN, CS, CWS Clinical Specialist, Wound and Ostomy Care    
Brian G. Loder, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Harriett Baugh Loehne, BS, PT, CWS Wound Management Team Leader Physical Therapy Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Wound Management, Debridment, Infection Control
Sharon R. Loftis, RPTA, CWS   Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center Wound Care
Karen Logan, PT, CWS Program Director    
Gary Logerstedt, PT, CWS   Therapeutic Services, Inc  
Arlene Joy Lohn, RN, CWS   Automated Pharmaceutical Services  
Rhonda Lollar, RM, CWS   National Wound Care Chronic Wounds, Diabetic Ulcers
Curtis W. Long, DPM, CWS     Wound Management
John Longobardo, DPM, CWS Podiatric Physician AAA Family Foot Centers, Inc. Podiatry
Dorothy Longwill, RN, CWS Registered Nurse   Advanced Wound Recovery
Eustorgio Lopez, MD, DDS, CWS Registered Nurse    
Deborah S. Lopez, RN, CWS Director of Outpatient Wound Treatment Center Delray Medical Center  
Ivan Lopezllavore, BS,PTA, CWS Physical Therapist Assistant Genesis Eldercare  
Eric Lopez-Martino, MD, CWS MD Puerto Rico Health Care Group Inc. Internal Medicine
Roopa Lothe, PT, CWS   Manor Care Health Services, Inc. Wound Care
Howard Louis, DPM, CWS      
Tommy L. Love, DO, CWS     Aerospace Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine
Janet L. Lovell, RN, CWS   Hendricks Community Hospital Ostomy, Wound, Skin
Danilo Nestor Pajarillo Lovinaria, RN, BSN, MBA, CWS   Kuakini Medical Center Critical Care, Rehabilitation
Gail Lowenstein, MD, CMD, CWS Medical Director   Internal Medicine
Carol Lucas, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Sharon Regional Health System  
Olga Garcia Luepschen, DPM,CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Ivelisse Lugo, MD, CWS Hyperbaric Oxygen Specialist Wound Care Center Baptist Medical Center Family Physician
Norma Lynn Lundy, BA, RN, ANP,GNP, CWS   Scripps Hospital East County  
Angelo Luzzi, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Associated Podiatrists of South Jersey Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care
Courtney Lyder, ND, GNP, CWS Associate Professor Yale University School of Nursing Gerontology
William P. Lynch Jr., BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Clinical Electromodalities
Glenn Lytle, MD, CWS Chief of Surgery Crawford Memorial Hospital General Surgery
Randy MacDonald, LPN, CWS   United Medical, Inc  
Patrick MacMillan, DO, CWS Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine    
Subhashis Maitra, MD, CWS   Blair Surgical Associates General Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Bernadette Kahlelehua Makaula, RN, MSN, GNC, ICP,CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist, Infection Control Practitioner Leahi Hospital-Hawii Health Systems Corp. Geriatric Long Term Care, Wound/Skin Care, Staff Education
Penelope A. Maki, RN, ET, CWS   Charlotte Regional Medical Center/Wound Care Clinic Enterostomal Therapy
Diane Malcom, BSN, CWS Co-Chair Skin Team   Wound Care
Howard Malin, DPM, CWS Chief Podiatric Section Verterans Affairs Medical Center  
Louise Maney, RN, PTA, CWS     Chronic Wound Care, Physical Therapy
Honor G. Manilla, DPM, CWS   PO Box 70 Podiatry, Diabetes, Heel Ulcers
Richard Mann, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Roberta Mann, MD, FACS, CWS Medical Director Torrance Memorial Burn Center General Surgery, Burns, Wounds
Linda F. Manning, BS, PT, CWS   Nova Care, Inc.  
Constance E. Mantopoulos, RN, AAS, CWS Clinical Consultant    
Patrice Marcarelli, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Wound Care Center  
Gene A. Marcelli, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Hermitage Surgical Associates, Inc.  
Vincent Marchello, MD, CWS Medical Director   Internal Medicine
Orlando Marchena, MD, CWS Medical Doctor    
Daniel L. Margolin, DPM, CWS Podiatrist Somerset Plaza Podiatry
Luis E. Marin, DPM, CWS Podiatric Surgeon Hialeah Foot Center Podiatric Surgery
John R. Marino, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Palmetto Podiatry, PA Podiatry
Charles J. Marino, Jr., DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Stephen S. Markantone, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery
Gregory S. Markantone, DPM, CWS   Latrobe Ankle & Foot Center Podiatric Surgery
James A. Marks, Sr., DPM, CWS Podiatrist Foot & Ankle Institute of Western Pennsylvania Hospital Podiatry
Robin Ryan Marquez, MS, PT, CWS   Texas Women's University/Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Wound Care, Burns
Jack S. Marquis, DPM, CWS Chief of Podiatry Medical Center Clinic, PA Podiatric Physician/Surgeon
Jerry B. Marsh, MPT, CWS Sr. Inpatient Physical Therapist Thunderbird Samaritan Medical Center Acute Care
Mitsy Martin-Davis, MS, PT, CWS Driector of Rehab Medicine Midwest Regional Medical Center  
Egna Martinez Polanco, RN, MSN, ETN, CWS   Veterans Administration Medical Center Skin Care Specialist, Ostomy and Incontinence Management
Teresa Martinez, MD, CWS   Internal Medicine Group Internal Medicine, Diabetic Foot Ulcers
John A. Marty, DPM, CWS   Ankle & Foot Care  
Kristina Massey, PT, CWS   Rehabilitaiton Services of Columbus  
Fortunee Massuda, DPM, CWS   Foot & Ankle Clinics of America Podiatry
Sharon R. Matesi, RNC, MSN, CWS Performance Improvement Coordinator Wayne Memorial Hospital Community Health, Spinal Cord Home Care
Elizabeth Mathew, BSN, MSN, CWS Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Preakness Hospital Geriatrics
Jo N. Mathews, RN, ADN, CWS   Seton Home Health Wound Care
Luis A. Matos, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Univ. of Miami School of Medicine/Dept. of Surgery  
Phyliss J. Mauro, LVN, CWS   De Royal Wound Care/Acute and Chronic, Orthopedics
Jonathan B. May, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Medicine
Julie Maybach, MSPT, CWS   Fauquier Hospital  
James J. Mazur, DPM, CWS      
Susan C. Mazzenga, RNC, AASN, CWS Certified Registered Nurse Wayne Memorial Hospital Medicine/Surgery
Tracy McBee, RN, CWS   Continuous Care Center Medical Park Restorative, Skin Care
Gary M. McClernan, BS, DPM, CWS   Gary M. McClernan, DPM, PA Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care
John A. McCue, MD, CWS Assistant Chief, Deparment of Emergency Medicine   Emergency Medicine
Joseph M. McCulloch, PhD, PT, CWS Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs, SAHP LSU Health Sciences Center  
William D. McDonald, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Fountains Family Footcare Podiatry
Vesta D. McDowell, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Terence McElgun, DPM, CWS      
Cynthia McGovern, RNc, CWS      
Mark A. McGurrin, MD, CWS Medical Director   General Surgery
Willette McKamey, AS, PTA, CWS   Medical University of South Carolina Wound Management
Brenda E. McKenzie, MPA, DON, CWS   Extendicare Gerontology
Diana L. McKeon, BS, PT, CWS Wound Care Specialist    
Sandra McKinney, PT, CWS   Methodist Hospital North Wound Care
Alan P. McMahan, MD, FACS, CWS     Surgery General
Victor F. McNamara, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine McNamara Center for Diabetic Wound Care Podiatry
James H. McQuiston, DO, FACOS, CWS   Northeast Surgical Group PC General Surgery, Critical Care
Kim Meleski, PT, CWS   Colorado Home Care Wound Care, Stroke Rehabilitation
Norma Melious, RN, CWS Clinical Nurse III Memorial Sloan-Kettering Wound Management, Oncology
Suzanne Duval Mellor, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Douglas Community Med. Ctr./Diabetes Wound Care Clinic  
David A. Mellul, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Medicine/ Surgery
Susan Arlene Yeaman Melton, LPN, CWS   Tenet Palms of Pasadena Hospital Wound, Ostomy, Case Management
Robert Mendicino, DPM, CWS   Three Rivers Foot & Ankle Associates Foot and Ankle Surgery
Jack F. Menendez, MD, FACS, CWS Wound Healing Physician, Surgeon Middle Georgia Wound Healing Center General Surgery
Elliot Menkowitz, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Midatlantic Wound Care Center  
Laurie E. Merchant, PT, CWS Clinical Director RA Schreider & Associates Geriatrics, Long Term Care
Stephen Michael Meritt, DPM, CWS     Podiatry, Quality Assurance
Mary Jean Merkel, RN, ETN, CWS Director   Enterostomal Therapy, Wounds
Theresa M. Merrins, RN, BSN, MN, CWS Enterostomal Therapist    
June Mertz, ADN, CWS      
Mark Thomas Messenger, DPM, CWS   Thomson Podiatry Associates Podiatry, Wound Management, Foot and Ankle Recontruction
Robert Metnick, DPM, CWS   Access Foot Care  
Elizabeth T. Meyer, AD, CWS   Advanced Wound Recovery Associates, PC  
Robert Miles, Jr., DPM, CWS Podiatrist Capital Home Foot Services, Inc. Podiatry
Loren J. Miller, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Darlene K. Miller, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse    
Sharon Miller, RN, CWS      
Cynthia Miller, RN, CWS Registered Nurse, Clinic Manager Curative Regional Medical Center Wound Care
Anne L. Miller, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Bon Secours/ Holy Family Hospital  
J. Thomas Millington, MD, CWS Medical Director St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital Wound Treatment & Hyperbaric Department Hyperbaric Medicine, Family Medicine
John G. Mills, DO, MPH, CWS   University of North Texas Health Science Center Aerospace Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine
W. Kaylene Mills, RN, CWS   Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care
F. Michael Minch, MD, CWS      
Mike Minnich, BA, BS, PT, CWS   East Tennessee Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, Inc Orthopedics, Sports, Wound Care
Sari Lisa Misiewicz, BS, PT, CWS Director of Clinical Services MedFit Rehabilitation & Wellness Orthopedics, Geriatrics
Spencer Misner, DPM, FACFS, CWS     Podiatric Surgery
Maciej Mocek, MS, PT, CWS   Sundance Rehabilitation Corporation Wound Care
Nima Moghaddas, DPM, CWS   Eastport Health Care, Inc. Podiatry
Tamara Moliviatis, LPN, CWS   Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca Chronic Wounds, Acute Hand Wounds
Adolben Y. Montesclaros, MD, CWS Medical Director, Wound Care Clinic Tiffin Mercy Hospital General Surgery
William G. Montross, DPM, CWS     Reconstructive Surgery, Surgical Management of Infected Foot
Michael F. Moore, MD, FACS, CWS     General Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Sylvia Morales, AAS, CWS   Genesis Home Health Coronary Care, Critical Care
Masahiro Morikawa, MD, MPH, CWS Senior Instructor Case Western Reserve University Department of Family Medicine  
Richard Lamar Morman, Jr., MSPT, CWS   TheraTX/Vencor Wound Care, Orthopedics
Angelo P. Morreale, DPM, CWS President and Founder   Podiatry
Deborah Lynn Morris, BS, PT, CWS Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Center Hospital Wound Care
Roger Morris, PT, CWS   Total Therapy, Inc.  
Rebecca Morton, RN, BSN, MS, CWS Clinical Nurse Consultant Advanced Medical Systems, Inc Wound Care Management, Trauma
Steven E. Moskowitz, DPM, CWS Podiatric Physician Cold Spring Specialized Foot Care Podiatry-Diabetic Foot
Lee Moss, MS, APRN, CWS Family Nurse Practioner Intermountain Burn Ctr./Univ. Hospital Burn Care
Joyce Annette Moss, RN, BSN, MN, CWS Regional Education Coordinator AllCare Home Health  
Joni J. Mowder, MS, PT, CWS     Wound Care, Rehabilitation
Donald Mrdjenovich, DPM, CWS   Central PA Podiatry Associates Wound Care, Diabetic Foot, Charcot Foot, Disease of Lower Extremity, Sports Medicine, Surgery
Christopher J. Mueller, DPM, CWS Podiatrist Eastern Shore Physicians & Surgeons Inc. Podiatric Medicine
Neisha Mulchan-Ramdat, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse Sunbeit Health Care Association Wound Care Management
Stacie Rachell Mullins, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Wound Care
Rand D. Mundo, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Imua Kauai Footcare Podiatric Medicine
Raymond Murano, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Lawrence Memorial Hospital Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Phyllis Muriel, RN, CWS      
Phyllis Muriel, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Memorial Sloan Keltering Hospital Wound Care
Nancy Murphree, RN, CWS Wound Management Nurse Friendly Hills Health Care Wound Management
Sheila Murphy, RN, BSN, CWS Subacute Care Nurse/ Wound Team Coordinator    
Deborah S. Murray, BS, PT, CWS   Sutter Roseville Medical Center  
Sena Jo Musgrave, LPTA, CWS   Roque Valley Medical Center  
Stephen Musser, DPM, CWS      
Stephen C. Musser, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Anne H. Myer, BS, PT, GCS, CWS Geriatric & Wound Clinical Specialist Beverly Manor Nursing Center Wounds, Geriatrics
Carolyn Estep Myers, BSN, CWS   Manchester Memorial Hospital  
Sylvia G. Myers, GNP, MSN, CWS Nurse Practitioner, Wound Care Specialist VAECC Nursing Home Wound Care
Frederick J. Myers, MD, CWS Medical Doctor The Medical Group of Greeneville  
Mark C. Nahmias, DPM, CWS      
Mary A. Nametka, RN, MSN, CS, CWS Director of Clinical Care Wound Care Consultants, LLC Wound Care
Marti E. Nance, PT, CWS Director of Rehabilitation Services Rankin Medical Center Ortho/Wound-Burn Care
Krishna Narayanan, MD, CWS Medical Doctor   Reconstructive Surgery
Paulette M. Nardi, MT,(ASCP), MBA, CWS   Aesthetic Solutions Wound Management, Support Surface Selection, Pressure Ulcers
Samy Abdel-Samad Nasef, PhD, PT, CWS Physical Therapy Director Life Care Centers of America/Mitchell Manor Clinical Research, Education
Rajasekhar Nekkanti, MD, CWS Assistant Attending Elmhurst Hospital Center Internal Medicine, Critical Care/Geriatrics
John P. Nelson, DPM, CWS      
Richard Nettboy, DPM, CWS   Boca Deerfield Podiatry Associates Podiatry
Sue N.M. Newman, MS, PT,MT-BC, CWS Senior Physical Therapist    
Judy Ann Newman, RN, CWS   Wound Care Center at Parkway Wound Care, Diabetes
Artis E. Newsome, BS, MA, PT, CWS   HealthSouth Tyler Rehabilitation Hospital Wound Care Protocol, Geriatrics, Neurology
Scott Newton, PT, CWS Physical Therapist, Director of Physical Rehabilitation Tennessee Therapy Services, Inc. Orthopedics
Raphael T. Nguyen, DPM, CWS     Diabetic Foot Care, Foot Wounds
Patricia Nicholas, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Care Plus Podiatry Podiatry
Madeline Nieves, MPT, CWS   Loma Linda University Medical Center  
Minerva Nodarse, RN, CWS   Yes Care Medical Services Home Care
Jacqueline P. Noerenberg, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Wound Therapist
Teresita C. Noriega, BSN, CWS Nurse Educator Wound Specialist    
Deborah L. Norzagaray, RN, CWS   Tuscon VA Medical Center Post Op, Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Mona B. Notariano, RNC, BSN, CWS   Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Hyperbaric Medicine
Marc H. Novell, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Anne Christine Nowicki, DPM, CWS   Winona Clinic Podiatry
Joan Nowicky, RN, CWS   Huntleigh Healthcare  
Brenda Aline Nurse, MD, CWS Chief, Infectious Diseases; Hospital Epidemiologist Hospital for Special Care Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine
Lisa Anne Oakley, MD, CWS   Cobb Medical Center/Wound Treatment/West Georgia Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease
Kate M. O'Halloran, BA, BS, PT, CWS     Wound Care
Karen A. Oliver, RN, CWS Assistant Director of Nursing Bon Secours Maria Manor Wound Care, Infection Control
Linda A. Omer, BA, PT, CWS Physical Therapist    
Cathy L. O'Nan, RN, MSN, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist Methodist Hospital Home Health PU Prevention and Treatment, Chronic Wound Care, Adult Education
Loraine Orach, PT, CWS   Parkside Rehabilitation and Care Center Geriatrics
Barbara Ann Organ, RN, CWS Director of Wound Services Florida Medical Center South Wound Management, Diabetes Education
Karen Sue Overall, BA, BS, PT, CWS Lead Physical Therapist: Outpatient Wound Care Program   Wound Care
Julia Overstreet, DPM, CWS   Pacific Foot & Ankle Associates Wound Care, Lower Extremity Wounds
Liza Ovington, PhD, CWS      
Valentina Ovodenko, RN, CWS Nurse Supervisor, Surgery Department Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York Surgical, Medical
Timothy Paine, PT, CWS   Washington Wound Care Clinic  
Roland Palmquist, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine The Foot Care Clinic, Inc. Podiatry
Annielette Panlaqui, BSN, CWS      
Philip Paparone, DO, CWS     Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease
Pamela Anne Paparone, RN, MSN, C,NPC, CWS Adult Nurse Practitioner    
Jessy Parathundil, RN, CWS Infection Control and Wound Care Coordinator St John's Rehabilitation Hospital and Nursing Center Infection Control
Gregory E. Parker, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Oxford Valley Podiatry Group  
Barbara Parker, RN, C, CWS   Sarasota Memorial Hospital Wound Care, Medical Surgical Nursing
Elizabeth Parmegiani, RN, CWS      
Laura Parnel, BS, MS, CWS   Precision Consulting  
Katherine James Parson, MEd, PT, CWS   Staff Builders  
Grace Duropan Pascual, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Academy Foot Center of Hawii, Inc. Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Amparo Pastor, RN, CWS      
James A. Patrizi, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist Wound Clinical Specialist   Venous Insufficiency, Sharp Debridement
Brian Alan Patterson, DPM, MS, CWS Chief of Podiatry Section, Department of Surgery Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care/Management
Dawn Ellen Patterson, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse   Geriatric Wound Care
Gregory Kenneth Patterson, MD, CWS   South Georgia Surgical Associates, PC General/Vascular/Thoracic Surgery, Wound Care
Liliana Patterson, PT, CWS   Rehab Group of South Florida  
John N. Patzakis, DO, CWS Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine    
Julia Claire Paul, RN, MSN, CCRN, CS, NP, CWS   William Beaumont Hospital Plastic Surgery, Wound Management
Marylou Paulo-Francisco, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Community Foot Care, PA Podiatry
Harvey A. Pearl, DPM, CWS   Regency Wound Care Center Use of Growth Factor, Wound Care
Federico A. Peguero, MD, CWS Medical Doctor   Thoracic/ Vascular Surgery
George A. Perdrizet, MD, PhD, FACS, CWS Director of Research EMS/Trauma-Hartford Hospital Surgery, Trauma
Scott Peters, DPM, CWS      
Linda Peterson, BS, OT, CWS   Advanced Rehabilitation Services Hand, Wounds
Joseph L. Petteruti, DO, CWS Doctor of Osteopathy Wound Recovery Center Family Practice
Alan R. Phillips, MS, PT, CWS Clinical Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center  
James M. Phillips, MS, PT, CWS   IG&H Wound Care Institute Chronic and Acute Wound Care
Joseph M. Picardi, BA, MS, FNP, CWS Family Nurse Practitioner Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey Family Nurse Practitioner, Infectious Diseases, Diabetic Foot Care, HIV/AIDS
Joseph Picciotti, DPM, CWS   Associated Podiatrists of South Jersey Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care
Carol A. Piegari, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Air Fluid Systems  
David M. Pilla, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery
Raymond A. Polizzi, MD, CWS     General Surgery, Vascular, Laser, Wound Care
Betty Ann Polk, BS, RN, CWS Staff Nurse Veterans Administration Hospital Critical Care
Richard A. Pollack, DPM, MS, CWS   San Antonio Podiatry Associates, PC Podiatry
Matthew Q. Pompeo, MD, CWS Medical Doctor   General Surgery
Shani Faye T. Ponce, PT, CWS Director of Physical Therapy Doctors Hospital Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center Pressure Sores
Bradley A. Pontani, MD, CWS Assistant Medical Director Southeast Hyperbaric Medicine Ctr., PA Wound Care/ Hyperbaric Medicine
Sharon Renee Porras, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse   Wound Care
Amy S. Potutschnig, RN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Steven L. Prince, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Jamaica Hospital Podiatry
John A. Prior,DPM,MS,FACFAOM,FACFAS,CWS Professor Barry Univ. School of Graduate Medical Sciences Wound/Conservative Management
Carol H. Probst, MS, PT, CWS Instructor Dusquene University Education, Physical Therapy, Management of the Diabetic Patient
Kevin Quick, PTA, CWS   Tampa General Hospital  
C. Leah Quin, RN, CWS   IHS Home Care Wound Care, Clinical and Financial Outcomes
Stephen M. Quinn, DPM, FAAFS, CWS     Podiatry
Rafael A. Quinones-Soto, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Hospital Dr. Pila Internal Medicine
Mary Jane Radlauer, RN, CWS     Home Health, Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers
Denise C. Raio, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Northport Podiatry, PC Podiatry, Podiatric Surgery
Nikki Ralston, PT, CWS   Huguley Health Systems  
Lenny Ramierez, DPM, CWS   Lenny Ramierez DPM, PC & Associates Podiatry
Rosmira Ramirez, PT, CWS   Symphony Rehabilitation Services Wound Care, Geriatrics
Nicandro S. Ramos Jr., BS, PT, CWS Registered Physical Therapist   Physical Therapy, Wound Care & Neurology
Eileen M. Ramsaran, RN, MD, CWS   Eileen Ramsaran, MD, PA  
Walter S. Ramsey, Jr., MD, CWS Doctor of Medicine   Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
Donna L. Rando, RN, CWS   Faulkner Hospital Wounds, Ostomies
Laurie M. Rappl, PT, CWS Physical Therapist Span-America Medical Systems, Inc. Seating, Positioning, Support Surfaces for Wound Management
Sharon Readel, BSN, CWS      
Brian D. Reaksecker, BS, PT, CWS   PT Consultation Associates, Inc. General Practice
Ann M. Reichert, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Wound Care
Ronald Reis, MD, CWS      
Rebecca A. Rejko, LPN,CWS Nurse Consultant, Regional Representative National Wound Care  
Esther A. Rempel, BSN, CWS Nurse Manager Bonnell Good Samaritan Hospital  
Tuesday Remsburg, MSN, RN, NP, CS, CWS Geriatrics, Oncology St. Joseph's Home for the Blind  
Philip A. Rettenmaier, DO, CWS Physician Wound Works, PC FP
Ricardo Reyes, DPM, CWS   Hialeah Family Foot Care Center Foot Surgery, Wound Management
Mary Jeanne C. Reynales,RNC,BSN,CWS Patient Carre Coordinator, Home Health Services Good Samaritan Hospital Wound Management, Venous Statis Ulcers, Sacral, Ischial Decubiti, High Risk Maternal Child Health
Tammy Lynn Reynolds, RN, CWS   Medical Ctr of Southeastern Oklahoma Home Health Wound Care, Geriatrics
B.F. Rhodes, RN, ADN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Lisa A. Ricciardo, BSN, CWS Restorative Nurse Coordinator Lutheran Center for the Aging Treatment and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
Kathy Richardson, BS, CWS   Orlando Regional Healthcare System Wound Care, Burn Care, Hydrotherapy
Laurence Richman, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Marion Limon Ricketson, BS, PT, CWS   Phoebe Putney Hospital Wound Care
Peggy Porter Riedesel, PT, CWS Director IHC Wound Clinic of Utah  
Shelly Rikansrud, AS, PTA, CWS   Monroe Regional Medical Center Wound Care, Hydrotherapy
Therese M. Rinaldi, DPM, CWS Podiatric Surgeon Foot & Ankle Health Group, PC Podiatry
Gayle N. Rinehardt, RN, CWS   Veterans Administration Medical Center Gerontology
Chugo Rinoie, DPM, CWS Podiatrist   Podiatric Medicine
Thomas J. Rittenhouse, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Nelida Rivera, BS, PT, CWS   Hospital San Pablo Acute Care
Evaristo E. Rivero, DPM, BSN, CWS      
Evaristo Rivero, DPM, BSN, RN, CWS   The Foot Doctor  
Rita Hernandez RN, BSN,CWOCN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Bonnie Shipferling, RN, MSN, ANP, WOCN, CWS Faculty-School of Nursing   Adult Nurse Practitioner
Nancy S. Robbins, BSN, MHS, CWS   Curative Health Services  
Timothy Roberson, RN, CHT, CWS Administrative- Technical Director Marcus Healthcare Inc/Natchez Community Hospital Problem Wounds, Hyperbaric Medicine
Michael J. Roberts, PTA, CWS      
Sharon L. Robinson, RN, BSN, CWS Nurse Manager   Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Carmen D. Robles, PTA, CWS Physical Therapy Assistant   Wound Care
Carol Rodman, RN, CWS   Pressure Management Resources  
Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez, RN, BSN, ET/WOCN, CWS Director of Nursing Yes Care Medical Services  
Hilda M. Rodriguez, RN, LNC, CWS   Home Health Care, Inc.  
Angel M. Roman, Jr., MD, CWS Medical Doctor   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Angel Romero, MD, CWS General Surgeon   General Surgery
Eva Romero, RN, CWS   South Shore Hospital Wound Care
Joanne Romine, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Altoona Hospital Center for Medicine Enterostomal Therapy
Paul T. Rose, MD, CWS Medical Doctor   Dermatology
Thomas E. Rosen, DPM, CWS   Palm Beach Foot & Ankle, Inc.  
Robert Glenn Rosen, DPM, CWS   Podiatry Foot & Ankle Surgical Group  
Stanford Rosen, DPM, CWS   A Center for Conservative Foot Care, PC  
MIchael H. Rosenberg, MD, CWS   PLastic and Reconstructive Surgery PC @ Northern Westchester Hospital Plastic Surgery
Barry I. Rosenblum, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Ctr.  
Stuart Sheldon Rosenkrantz, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care, Home Care
Sheldon Ross, DPM, CWS   Sunrise Family Foot Care Center Podiatry, Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care
Olwyn Ross, RN, CWS Skin Care Clinician Research Medical Center- Health Midwest  
Frances Rossi, DPM, CWS   Hudson Podiatry Center  
James Rotella, DPM, CWS      
Richard L. Roth, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Frederick J. Rothberg, DPM, CWS   Ocean County Family Care Podiatric Surgery
Elaine R. Rothman, BSN, MSN, CWS   Home for the Aged Blind  
Mark William Rothstein, DPM, MPH, CWS Deputy Chief Podiatry Department US Public Health Service/Podiatry Podiatry
Susan Elizabeth Rouse Wickard, RN, BSN, CWS     Long Term Care, Pressure Ulcers
Virginia Roy, RN, CWS      
Elizabeth Royse, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse    
Elaine J. Rozic, RN, BSN, ET, CWS Registered Nurse   Wound Care, Ostomy Care
Jack Rubinlicht, DPM, CWS   Northeast Podiatry Consultants, LTD Podiatry, Diabetic Foot Care, Foot Wounds
Susan M. Rudy, AAS, PTA, CWS   Community Hospital of Sullivan County Acute Care, Wound Care
James F. Rupp, DPM, CWS     Wound Management
Loretta R. Russ Macaulay, LPN, CWS Resident Care Coordinator   Wound Care Teaching and Management
Eva Russell-Ernst, RN, CWS Registered Nurse   Wound Care
Mable Rutt, RN, BSN, CDE, CWS Case Manager, Education Coordinator, Wound Care Community Coordinator Columbia Home Health  
Michael R. Ruttle, PA, CWS Physician Assistant Southeast Texas Hyperbaric Medicine Ctr., PA  
William J. Saar, DPM, CWS Director Podiatric Medicine Mt. Sinai East/Ctr. Comprehensive treatment  
Susan Sabella, RN, MSN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Harvey J. Saff, DPM, CWS Medical Director Pompano Podiatry Wound Care Wound Management, Diabetic Ulcers, Differential Diagnosis
Karl Robert Saltrick, DPM, CWS   Ankle and Foot Care Faculty, The Western Pennsylvania Hospital Podiatry
Kevin Saluck, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Blackwood Medical Equipment Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Russell H. Samson, MD, CWS   Vascular and Surgery Associates Vascular Surgery
Scott Robert Samuelson, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Foot & Ankle Health Group, PC Podiatry
Miguel Sanchez, MD, CWS Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology   Dermatology
Ellen R. Sanders, RN, BSN, CWS   Department of Veterans Affairs Wound Care
Mary J. Sandoval, DPM,CWS     Diabetic Foot Care, Wound Care
Eunide Sanon, AAS, RN, CWS   Staff Builders Wound Care Products, Treatments
Kelly Rae Santine, BA, MPT, CWS      
Neil Saunders, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Podiatrist   Podiatry
Brenda Saunders, RN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Susan Louise Saunders, RN, MN, CWS Specialist, School of Nursing The University of Texas at Arlington  
Diane Savage, RN, CWS Director of Education, Wound Management Coordinator Masonic Home, Inc Geriatrics, Wound Management, Pressure Ulcer Prevention
John Savidakis Jr., DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Suncoast Podiatry Services Podiatric Physician
Donald E. Saye, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine University of New Mexico-Health Srvc. Ctr.  
Frederick J. Scavone, DPM, CWS   Palmetto Podiatry Institute Podiatry, Podiatric Surgery
Judith Ann Schaad, PT, CWS Program Director-Wound Management   Wound Management Rehabilitation
Michelle Schimel, BS, PT, CWS      
Ira Schiowitz, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine 2024 Macopin Road Podiatric Medicine-Diabetic Footcare
Francine G. Schiraldi, DPM, MS, CWS     Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Gait Analysis, Wound Healing, Nutrition
Kevin Thomas Schlamp, MD, BSc, CWS President Medical Officer Summit Hospital Family Practice
Jeffrey Schleger, DPM, CWS      
William James Schlorff, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Beverly J. Schmidgall, RN, CWS   Salem Hosp/SHAPES Wound Care Center/Silverton IV Therapy, Wound Care
Shirley M. Schmidt, LPN, CWS Licensed Practical Nurse    
Debra Ann Schocher, DPM, CWS      
John M. Scholl, DPM, CWS Podiatrist Scholl Foot Care Podiatry
Ellen Schraff, RN, CWS   Bon Secours Holy Family Hospital  
Kela B. Schram, AA, AS, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse    
Frances Schuda, MSN, RN, CWS Director, Wound Care Program Philadelphia Nursing Home Wound Care
Nancy Schueftan, RN, CWS Director of Clinical Services Medical Systems, Inc. Pressure Ulcers
Burton Schuler, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Katherine Ann Schulz, RN, C; CWS Registered Nurse-Certified in Gerontology Life Care Center of Scottsdale Wound Team Coordinator, Assistant DON, Infection Control Practitioner, Long-term and Sub-acute care
Claire A. Schuster, BSN, MSN, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist Berea College Pressure Ulcer and Wound Care
Nathan H. Schwartz, DPM, C.Ped., CWS     Pedorthics, Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care
Alan Sclafani, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Medicine
Karen Scott, BS, PT, CWS   Sundance Rehabilitation Geriatric Wound Care
Ronald Gerard Scott, MD, CWS   Wound Care Clinic of North Texas Chronic Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine
Kathleen Scovill, RN, BS, CD, CWS Patient Education Coordinator   RN, Certified Diabetic Educator
Arthur Segall, Jr, DPM, CWS   Orthopedic Associates USA  
Linda Servello, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Altoona Hospital Center for Medicine Enterostomal Therapy
Mark W. Shaffer, DPM, DABPS, CWS     Arthroscopy, Trauma
Martin Shank, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Gary Shankman, OPA-C, PTA, CWS Clinical Director Spine and Sport Physical Therapy Orthopedics, Sports Physical Therapy
Ellen Cindy Shapiro, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Rekha Sharma, MD, MPH, CWS Acting Head Section of Geriatrics Christ Hospital Medical Center Geriatrics, Internal Medicine
Paul L. Sheehy, Jr., DPM, CWS   Sheehy Ankle and Foot Center Podiatry
Susan Sheffield, RN, BSN, CWS      
Diane Shelledy, RN, C, MSN, ARNP, CWS Adult Nurse Practitioner   Home Health, Wound Care
Donna M. Shepherd, RN, CWS Wound Care Specialist Hospice of the Valley Chronic Wound Care
Steven Sheridan, DPM, CWS      
Carol Sheridan, RN, CWS Wound Care and Infusion Coordinator Dr. Earl Eye Clinic for Pulmonary & Infectious Diseases Wound Care
Aaron M. Shevlin, DPM, CWS   St. Lucie Foot & Ankle Center Podiatric Surgery, Lower Extremity Lesions, Wound Care
Jacqueline Shive, LPN, CWS   The Fairways at Brookline Village  
Valerie J. Short, RN, CHRN, CWS Regional VP of Operations   Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Kash Siepert, DPM, CWS      
Donna Silsbee, BS, PT, CWS   Hillside Care Center  
Richard Charles Silverman, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Medicicine, Sports and Surgery
Glenn Silverstein, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, FACFAS   Podiatry
William Simon, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Atlantic Foot & Ankle Center Podiatry
Kenneth Simon, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Nassou - Suffolk Podiatric, LPA  
John V. Simons, DPM, CWS   Veterans Administration Medical Center Podiatry
William Simpson, RN, CWS   Calhoun County Medical Care Facility Infection Control, Wound Care Management
Lewis J. Sims, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
David Sinacore, PhD, PT, CWS Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy   Physical Therapy
Brianne Sinha, MN, ARNP, CWS Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner   Adult/Geriatric
Robert Siwicki, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Beverly Skaggs, RN, MSN, CWS Registered Nurse, Nurse Clinician Methodist Hospital Medical Surgery/Critical Care, Pressure Ulcer Prevention/Treatment, Wound Management
Roberta M. Skidmore, AAS-RN, CWS Nurse Manager Bonell Good Samaritan Ctr. Wound Care, Education
David Michael Skrobot,DPM,FACFAS,CWS   Podiatric Specialists of Southeastern Ohio, Inc Diabetic Wound Management, Limb Salvage, Reconstructive Surgery
Janice M. Skwarczyk, BS, PT, CWS Senior Physical Therapist Palos Community Hospital  
Lisa Slattery, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Wound Care
Dorothy Small, BSN, MSN, GNP, CWS   Chelsea Soldiers Home Geriatrics, Wound Management, Pressure Ulcers, Skin Care
Sadie Marian Smalls, BSN, MA, MEd, EdD, CWS     Gerontology, Adult Care
Patricia Smith Regojo, RN, MSN, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist St. Agnes Medical Center Burns, Pressure Ulcers, Rehabilitation, Education, Research
Teresa Smith Timaji, PT, CWS   Shriner's Hospital for Children Pediatrics, Wound Management
Lynette Smith, AS, PTA, CWS   Palmetto General Hospital  
Nancy M. Smith, BS, PT, CWS   Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital  
Mary Smith, BSN, CWS   CTVHCS - Temple ICF  
Douglas C. Smith, DPM, CWS   Family Foot Center Podiatry, Foot Surgery, Wound Care
Tracy Aletta Smith, DPM, CWS   A+ Family Foot & Leg Care Specialists Podiatry
Robert S. Smith, DPM, CWS     Wound Care, Orthopedics, Surgery
Renee M. Smith, LPN, CWS      
Renee M. Smith, LPN, CWS      
Lori E. Smith, LPTA, CWS Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant    
Sheri Smith, PhD, RN, CETN, CWS     General Wound Care, Home Care, Legal Issues
Cookie C. Smith, PTA, CWS   Hendrick Medical Center  
Carole Marie Smith, RN, CWS   Barnes Kasson County Hospital  
Donna Smith, RN, CWS Registered Nurse, CWS   Home Health Care
Robert J. Snyder, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Patricia Gail Snyder, RN, CWS Clinical Director Curative Health Services Westwood Medical Center Wound Care
Kumpati Sobha, PT, CWS Physical Therapist East Lansing Health Care Center  
Susan Solomon, RN, BS, MA, ETN, CWS     Wound Care, Enterostomal Therapy
Lorraine Solomon, RN, CWCS, CWS Treatment Room Staff Nurse Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Wound Care
Anna B. Sosnowska, AAS, BSN, CWS   Olympus Healthcare Group, Inc Rehabilitation
David R. Sotelo, DPM, CWS     Diabetic Foot
Melinda Soto, PT, CWS Physical Therapist St. Joseph Medical Ctr.  
Fritz J. Souffrant, LPN, CWS   Home Health Care, Inc.  
Charles C. Southerland Jr., DPM, CWS Professor of Podiatric Orthopedics and Biomechanics Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences Podiatric Surgery
Heleno Souza, PT, CWS   Derma Sciences Wound Management, Electrical Therapy
Bonnie Sparks-DeFriese, PT, CWS   Wound Management Institute  
Patti Ann Sparling, RN, BSN, CWS     Wound Care, Ostomy Management
Eileen R. Spaulding, RN, CWS     Wound Care, Infection Control
Sandra L. Speenburgh, RN, MS, CNS, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist   Critical Care, Med Surg Nursing, Nursing Education
Tad Sprunger, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Foot Healt Center Podiatry
Lynn H. Stafford, DPM, CWS   Aboite Podiatry Associates PC Podiatry
Leslie Stancliff, PT, CWS   Mercy's Pacific Institute  
Randy A. Standard, RN, CWS Registered Nurse   Wound Care
Henry K. Stark, DPM, CWS   Palm Beach Foot & Ankle, Inc. Wound Care, Surgery
Brenda Starner, BS, MS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist    
James Stavosky, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Seth Jonathan Steber, DPM, CWS     Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care, Lower Extremity, Diabetic
Gayrene Stegall, RN, CWS RN, BSN, TNS, Esthetician   ER-Medical/ Surgery
Mary K. Steinke, RN, CWS Adult Nurse Practitioner T.L. Care Corporation Geriatrics
Gretchen D. Steinmetz, LPN, CWS Wound Care Program Coordinator Medi-Home Health Agency Pressure Ulcers, Products, Prevention, Vascular Ulcers
Brian Stenberg, MD, CWS   Metro Atlanta Plastic Surgery PC  
Daniel E. Stern, DPM, BS, FACFAS, FACFAOM, CWS   Longwood Foot Care PC Podiatric Surgery, Podiatric Orthopedics
Amy A. Stewart, BS, PT, CWS Lead Physical Therapist St. Joseph Regional Healthcare Center Wound Care
Lawrence B. Stillman, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Joyce Stoelting, RN-C, ADN,CWS Registered Nurse-C Memorial Medical Center Burn Care
Raymond Stolarski, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Jeffrey Alan Stone, DO, MPH, CWS Associate Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine, Medical Director Aerospace Medicine Wound Care Consultants Aerospace Medicine, Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine
Michael L. Stone, DPM, CWS   Meritcare Medical Group/Dept. of Orthopedics Surgery, Lower Extremity, Diabetic Ulcer, Foot and Ankle Trauma
Amy E. Stone, PT, GCS, CWS     Geriatric Specialist
Nancy Stotts, RN, MN, EDD, CWS Professor University of California San Francisco Nursing
John P. Stratis, MD, FACS, CWS President Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Diagnosis and Management, Microvascular Surgery
Barry D. Stringfield, MD, CWS     Internal Medicine
Antonius Su, DPM, CWS   Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona Foot & Ankle Surgery
Larry Suecof, DPM, CWS   Connecticut Surgical Group  
Brian T. Sugai, DPM, CWS   Big Island Foot Care, Inc. Diabetic Foot Care, Ulceration TX Management
Paul E. Sullivan, DPM, CWS   Bucks County Podiatry/Newton Podiatry Podiatric Surgery, Limb Salvage
James P. Sullivan, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Valerie Ann Sullivan, PT, CWS Physical Therapist/ Wound Specialist   Acute Care
Fran Suskauer, BSN, RN, CWS Wound Care Consultant New York Home Health Care Equipment Company  
Brian Szabo, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Advanced Wound Recovery Podiatry
Gregory Szeyko, MD, CWS Medical Director Sierra/Providence Wound Management Center Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Yacara Tabb, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    
Marshall M. Taitz, DPM, CWS   Foot Health, Inc. Podiatry, Diabetic Foot Care
Joel Tan, BS, PT, CWS   St Catherine Hospital  
Robert Tarazewski, MD, CWS Cardiothoracic Intensivist   Internal Medicine
Joseph C. Taub, DPM, CWS      
Isis Taylor, BSN, CWS Clinical Nurse Manager The Wound Healing Center of Middle Georgia Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Douglas M. Taylor, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Dorothy Taylor, PhD, FNP, CWS   V.A. Medical Center  
Martha E. Taylor, RN, CWS   Fairfield Medical Center Wounds, Ulcers, Ostomy and Skin Care, Urodynamics
Robin D. Tellez, MS/HSA, RN, CWS Regional Wound Specialist Integrated Health Services Long Term Care/Subacute- Multidisciplinary Team Approach, Cost Reduction, Education/Training/Mentorship
Thomas Teschner, LPTA, CWS   Albuquerque Manor, "preferred Rehabilitation Network" Debridement
Akilis M. Theoharidis, DPM, CWS   Ankle & Foot Centers of Missouri  
Sarah Thomas, LVN, CWS Wound Care Coordinator Vencor Hospital Wound Care
Jessie B. Thomas, NA, LPN, CWS     Wounds
David J. Thompson, BS, PT, CWS   Physical Respiratory Services, Inc  
Beverly A. Thompson, LPN, CWS      
Kathy L. Thompson, RN, CWS Registered Nurse, CWS   Wound, Ostomy, Continence
Jolene S. Thompson, RN, CWS Registered Nurse    
DeAnna Thoni, RN, ET, CWS   Baptist Hospital Wound Care, Ostomy Care
Joan Thoreson, RN, CWS   Providence Medical Center  
Karen Sandra Thornton Suttle, MD, CWS     Family Practice, Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine
Katherine Thurs, MSN, RN, APNP, CWS Nurse Practitioner Wausau Hospital Wound Clinic Wound Care
Frank Tiano, DPM, FACFAS, CWS Surgeon Podiatrist Oxford Valley Podiatric Group Foot and Ankle Surgery
Judith Tinder, RN, CWS   Home Health Care, Inc. Wound Care
Laura Schweitzer Tobolaski, MS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Wound Care
Nancy C. Todd, PT, CWS   Community Methodist Hospital Venous Insufficiency Ulcers
Frazier Ben Todd, Sr., DPM, FACFAS, CWS     Surgery, Foot and Ankle
Michael E. Toney, DPM, MS, CWS   Podiatry Associates of Florida, Inc. Podiatric Surgery
Audrey M. Torres, MSN, RN, CRRN, CWS Clinical Nurse Specialist, Infection Control Coordinator The Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Neurology, Rehabilitation, Wound Care
Gloria Torrieri, RN, BA, CWS Registered Nurse Hickory House Nursing Home  
James Tracy, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Westchester General Hospital  
Sandra Tremblay, MS, PT, CWS Clinical Coordinator of Education and Research for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy   Acute Care Physical Therapy
Jaime Trevino, BS, RRT, CHT, CWS Senior Technologist Hyperbaric Wound Care Center/Knapp Medical Center Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care
Maritza Trinidad, MD, CWS Nursing Home Medical Director San Juan VA Hospital Family Physician, Gerontology
Jose Felipe Garcia Troncoso, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Wound Care Center, Curative Surgery, Burn Surgery
Stuart M. Tuck, DPM, CWS   DeKalb Foot and Ankle Specialists, PC Podiatry
Barbara Tummons, RNC, BSN, CDE Wound Specialist Certified Diabetic Educator Cox Walnut Lawn Comprehensive Wound Ctr. Wound Care
Sharon Cody Turcotte, BSN, RNC, CWS Director Nursing Education and Staff Development Vernon Hall Nursing Home Wound Management, Infection Control
Nancy Turner, MS, PT, CWS   Baptist Medical Center  
Regis Turocy, MA, MS, PT, CWS   Duquesne University  
Nancy Carol Turpin, RN, MSN, GNP, CWS Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Wound Care Protocal, Inc  
Rebecca J. Tustain, BSN, MSN, CWS, NP-C Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Educator River Region Wound Treatment Center Lower Extremity Wounds, Neuropathic Ulcers
Patricia Tyburski, RN, CWS Clinical Manager Winona Wound Care Center Wound Care
Vivian Tyler, BS, PT, CWS      
Elliot T. Udell, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Ime Udom, MS, BS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Physical Therapy
Pamela G. Unger, PT, CWS   The Center for Advanced Wound Care Wound Care
Renita Upshaw Plummer,BS, MS, PT, CWS Chief, Physical Therapy Carl Vinson VA Medical Center Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Wound Care
Samir Vakil, DPM, FACFAS, FACFAOPPM, CWS   Matthew J. Fineman, DPM, PA Foot & Ankle Centers  
Leonard A. Valente, DPM, MPS, MPA, MS, C Ped, CWS Chief of Podiatry VA Medical Center Foot Ulcers, Clinical Nutrition
Cindy Lee Van Steelandt, PT, CWS   Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center  
Gladys Vasques, PTA, BA, CWS     Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Vascular Ulcers
Vicki L. Vasquez, RN,c, CWS Director of Nursing Regent Care Center Long Term Care, Geriatrics
Misty Vaughn, MS, PT, CWS   Rehab Care Group, Inc  
Joyce Vernon, MS, RN, CWS Clinical Manager Curative Memorial Hospital Wound Care Center  
Cathy Viehman, RN, BSN, CWS Clinical Manager   Wound Care
Elizabeth A. Villines, RN, BS, CWS Nurse Clinician St. Luke's Northland Hospital  
Brenda Vinglish, RN, BSN, CWS Registered Nurse   Wound Care
Matthew Violante, DPM, FACFAS,CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Julia Dianne Visosky, BS, PT, CWS     General Wound Care, Burns
Thomas D. Vitale, DPM, CWS     Surgery, Diabetic Wound Care
Carrie Volk, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Acute Care
Janice M. Von Essen, RN, CWS   Memorial Home Care Services Wound Management, Home Care
James Walczak, PT, CWS Physical Therapist/ Director of Rehabilitation Little Falls Hospital Physical Therapy
Kenneth R. Walker, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Dayton Podiatry Associates  
N. Blair Wall, MHS, PT, CWS Manager Inpatient Rehabilitation Services Frederick Memorial Hospital Acute and Chronic Wounds
William Walls, OPA-C, CWS Orthopaedic Physician Assistant Flint River Orthopoedics Orthopaedics
Patricia Lee Walters, DPM, CWS Podiatrist   Podiatry
Katherine Waluk, MS, PT, CWS Physical Therapist   Rehabilitation
Mark Warren, DPM, CWS Podiatrist-Foot Surgeon Community Foot Care Podiatry
Lesley Warren, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Robert A. Warriner, III, MD, FACA, FCCP, CWS Medical Director Southeast Texas Hyperbaric Medicine Center Anesthesiology, Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine
Therese E. Watson, AA, PTA, CWS   South Umqua Physical Therapy/Columbia Douglas Medical Center Wound Care, Inpatient Rehabilitation
Robert N. Wayne, DPM, CWS   Florida Foot & Ankle Group, PA Foot Surgery, Wound Care
Joan Weems, RN, CWS   Victory Home Health & Hospice  
Dennis J. Weinberg, DPM, CWS      
Max R. Weinberg, DPM, CWS   Family Foot Clinic Wound Care, Surgery
Mark R. Weinstock, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Frederick Weintraub, DPM, CWS   Alpine/Northern Valley Podiatry  
William J. Weissinger, DPM,DABPS,CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
John A. Wells, MD, FACS, CWS      
Wanda Welsh, RN, BS, CWS Wound Care Coordinator Integrated Health Services of Las Vegas Nursing
Rita Wergowske, RN,C, CWS Clinical Consultant Kinetic Concepts, Inc. Wound Management, Negative Pressure Therapy
Michelle B. Weser, BSN, CWS Clinical Coordinator Marcus Healthcare/St. Joseph Hospital  
Carol Lee West Smith, MSN, CRNP-F, CWS Nurse Practitioner Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System Geriatrics, Wound Care, Family Health Care
Ronald R. West, PT, CWS Deputy Chief Department of Physical Therapy Phoenix Indian Medical Center  
Danny Wheat, DPM, CWS Podiatrist Abilene Foot Care Associates, PC Podiatry
R. Dianne White, RN,C, CWS   Jasper General Home Health Gerontology, Wound Care
Barbara Whiting, RN, BSN, CWS Ostomy/Wound Nurse Specialist Naval Medical Center Portsmouth  
Donald L. Whitney, BA,AA, CWS   Inland Medical & Rehab Support Surface Specialist, Home Medical Equipment, Wound Management
Randy Wieck, PT, CWS     Wound Care
Christine M. Wietlisbach, OTR, CHT, CWS   Eisenhower Medical Center Hand Therapy, Industrial Rehabilitation
Elizabeth Wilhelmson, BA, PT, CWS     Wound Management
Charlene Wilkening, RN, CWS     Wound, Ostomy, Continence Care, Acute and Chronic Wounds
Michael S. Wilkins, MD, CWS Medical Doctor Vencor Hospital  
Donna J. Williams, BA, PT, CWS   Burlington Medical Center Orthopedics, Back Pain Prevention, Wound Care, Ergonomics
Melvin Williams, DPM, BS, BA, CWS   Middle Tennessee Foot Specialist, PLLC Podiatry
Bruce E. Williams, DPM, CWS   Ambulatory Foot Care Inc. Podiatry
Peter B. Williams, DPM, CWS     Wound Care
Joan E. Williams, DPM, FACFAS, CWS   Puget Sound Health Care System/Department of Veterans Affairs  
Larry Williams, MD, FACS, CWS Medical Doctor Lee, Williams & Garrett PA Vascular Surgery
Priscilla Ann Williams, RN, BSN, MS, CS, CWS Ostomy & Skin Care Coordinator, Clinical Nurse Specialist Veterans Administration Hospital Medical Surgical, Ostomy
Sarah Williams, RN, CRRN, CG, CWS      
Annette M. Williams, RN, CWS   Lafayette Home Hospital Wound Care
Susan Williams, RN, CWS Clinical Nurse Consultant Specialized Pharmacy Services Long Term Care, Geriatrics
Eva E. Williford, BSN, CWS   Home Health Care, Inc.  
Joel M. Wilner, DPM, CWS   New Mexico Foot & Ankle Associates Sports Medicine, Wound Care, Surgery
Sandy Wilson, LVN, CWS   Wound Care Consultant  
James P. Wilton, DPM, CWS   Seacoast Foot Surgery Associates Podiatry, Wound Care
Glenda Atkinson Winborn, BS, PT, MS, PCS, CWS President Pediatric Therapy Services Chronic Wounds, Acute and Trauma Wounds
Sandra F. Windham, RN, CWS Program Director Central Florida Wound Care Center Wound Care
Warren W. Windram, DPM, CWS   South Florida Orthopedics  
Michael Wineburgh, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Terry Winkler, MD, CWS Medical Doctor   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Michael Carl Wohlfahrt, DPM, CWS     Podiatry
Lynda Woiblett, RN, MSN, CWS Nurse Practitioner Genesis Physician Srvcs.-Jefferson Park Ctr. Family Practice, Family Geriatrics
Sherri Wolfenbarger, RN, CWS Specialty Program Director Housecall Home Healtcare Wound Care
Debra Abrams Womick, DPM, CWS   Womick Podiatry Diabetic, Decubitus Wounds, Wound Care
Vanessa Wong, DPM, CWS      
Amei Woo, BS, CWS   Washoe Progressive Care Center/Washoe Health System  
Michael A. Wood, DPM, CWS   Foot Health Center Podiatric Surgery, Wound Care Management
William Andrew Wood, DPM, CWS   Regional Wound Care Center/St. Margaret Mercy Hospital  
Virginia Wood, RNC, CDFS, CDE, CWS Registered Nurse St. Joseph's Regional Health Ctr. Diabetic Wound
William J. Woods III, RRT, RCP, CWS CEO Wound Management Systems, Inc. Advanced Wound Care
Donna S. Woods, BS, PT, CWS     Wound Care, Geriatrics, Pressure Sores
Ma Nancy Woodward, BS, PT, CWS      
Nancy J. Worley, BS, PT, CWS   Columbia Douglas Medical Center Dermal Ulcers
Vivienne Worthington, RN, CCM, CWS      
Douglas M. Worthman, DPM, CWS      
Connie Wozniak, RN, CWS   Secure Care Network  
Steven S. Wrege, DPM, CWS   Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico Foot and Ankle Surgery, Antibiotic Bead Technique for Osteomyelitis, Diabetic Foot
M. Anthony Wright, DPM, BS, CWS   Middle Tennessee Foot Specialist, PLLC Podiatry
Ellen Wruble, MS, PT, CWS Assistant Professor University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Modalities, Debridment, Dressing Recommendation
William Wyatt, MD, CWS Physician   Plastic Surgery
Wesley H. Yamada, DPM, RPh, CWS      
Robin D. Yordy, RN, CWS Registered Nurse Penn State Geisinger Medical Center Wound Care
Brett C. Young, AAS, PTA, CWS Wound Specialist Delta Surgical Associates Wound Care, Diabetic Ulcers, Leg Ulcers, Traumatic Wounds
Gregg Young, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine VA Medical Center  
Robin Lynnette Young, MPT, CWS Clinical Wound Specialist   Wound Care, Burns, Neuro
David A. Youngblood, MD, MPH, TM, CWS Medical Director, Department of Hyperbaric Medicine Roper Hospital Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine, Divine Medicine
Bonna Yovanovich, LPN, CWS   Anderson Medical Services  
Mohammad Zafrullah, MD, CWS      
Mohammad Zafrullah, MD, FRCS, FACS, CWS Medical Doctor   General Surgery
Sergio Zamora, MD, DO, CWS Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy   Family Practice
Christoph C. Zenker, DPM, CWS Doctor of Podiatric Medicine   Podiatry
Michael W. Zerbe, MS, PT, CWS   The Center for Advanced Wound Care Diabetic Foot Wounds, Off Loading Techniques
Donna E. Zeznock, RNC, CWOCN, CURN, CWS      
Karen Zulkowski, DNS, RN Assistant Professor   Geriatrics and Nutrition

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