Treat Erectile Dysfunction effectively with Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)

Erectile dysfunction has long become a solved issue with ever increasing methods of treatment. Generic Levitra is introduced as a brand of vardenafil, a tested and trusted ingredient to handle the demon called erectile dysfunction among most men. Generic Levitra makes a man potent not minding the level of the man’s ED and age even though some health conditions may restrict some from the usage of Generic Levitra. It is advised to seek your doctor’s consent if you are considering using this treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Does Generic Levitra Work like the Brand Version?

Yes, it works just like the brand version because they both contain the same active ingredient, which is vardenafil in the same proportion for the different dosages. However, it is important to know that counterfeit of Generic Levitra won’t be effective as the one produced by the trusted companies just like the counterparts. To verify the efficacy of Generic Levitra, you may read through for reviews or inquire from users directly if you know one. Also, note that taking Generic Levitra for maximum potency would only be achieved observing proper dosage and instructions by your doctor.

Why is Generic Levitra Cheaper than the brand version?

Generic Levitra is produced without billions invested in the advertisement, marketing, and other money ventures to promote its sales. The manufacturers have cut off all these expenses so that its users won’t pay for it but the medication directly for easier access and affordability. This does not mean that the standard of Generic Levitra is lower in any case. It is basically of the known quality ingredient with the same effect as PDE5 inhibitor to promote blood flow through the penile region just like the brand version.

Is Generic Levitra safe?

Vardenafil is known to be very safe among nearly all users. However, it will be highly unsafe to abuse Generic Levitra which would result to blood pressure reduction, sudden hearing loss, sudden loss of vision, heart attack and others. One major safety measure among successful users of Generic Levitra is a purchase from a reliable/licensed drugstore or pharmacy.

Dosage and Usage

levitra-dosage20mg, 10mg, and 5mg are the dosages in which Generic Levitra is manufactured. The dosage you would take is to be determined by your doctor, which depends on the level of your erectile dysfunctions and other conditions. Most men usually start with 10mg to increase or reduce the dosage if necessary based on the efficacy felt. Of course, the strongest is the maximum dosage, Generic Levitra 20mg. Generic Levitra is to be taken once in a day. Please don’t exceed a dosage within 24hours. Take your dosage 20 to 1hour before the time proposed for effective sexual intercourse. Also please don’t take Generic Levitra if you are not to engage in a sexual intercourse.

Where can I buy Generic Levitra?

FDA-licensed pharmacies are the only recommended stores to by Generic Levitra, physical or online. Please note that your prescription is strictly required to purchase Generic Levitra. The prescription is only to be certain you are eligible to take Generic Levitra based on your health conditions and other factors.


“I am 57 and have tried all the popular ED meds, having low T makes getting and keeping and erection a problem but I personally like Levitra 20 mg, can get rock hard within 20 or 30 minutes of taking it and its good for several hours afterwards, had 3 orgasms within an 6-7 hour time frame which is about what I could do at age 20, so impressive. Mild headache, flushing and nausea but not bad. Viagra gave me similar results but not as effective for a long as the Levitra. Cialis is a no go for me. Bad leg cramps.” By Zeke Samuels

“I’ve used Levitra for years. Viagra is quick and short Cialis is good for cuddling. Levitra is great with preparation and awesome for repeat performances during the night and again in the morning. Through experimenting I have found how you take the pill to be important. First if your drunk already forget it. Apologize and like offer to please her some other way start with an almost empty stomach, take Levitra, wait half hour or so, eat something with sugar (I like fruit). Nothing to fill you up. Go for it. Whatever you have after sex doesn’t seem to matter much but I get heartburn if I don’t have a meal and or beer. A nap usually works for us to have wake up sex later.” By Alextra

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