All you need to know about the Martingale betting strategy

In a previous article, we discussed some of the best roulette strategy out there, and one of the processes we highlighted was the Martingale betting strategy. Some players even do the Martingale betting strategy unknowingly. To win this type of casino game, you need to pick one of the best roulette systems, and in this piece, we’ll share with you one of such systems. 

Almost all successful casino bettors have strategies or systems of some sort. While some are simple and easy, some are just too complex. However difficult some betting systems are, with the right guide, you’ll be able to get through.

Opening a sportsbook account and funding it is relatively easy, but placing a bet and winning, are entirely different. You don’t want to start investing your money in other bets without knowing how to go about increasing your chances of winning.

What is the martingale betting system?

The martingale betting strategy has been around since the 18th century. Legend has it the system is named after John Henry Martingale, who was then a London casino owner. Allegedly, the casino owner used the strategy in the 1700s. The right spelling of his name was lost in translation over the years as Martindale became Martingale.

How the martingale betting system works

Recreational players mostly use the system because it’s a straightforward and rational approach. The bettors do not have to memorize any equations or mentally calculate the wager amounts. The strategy can be easily applied to online casinos and in the traditional land-based establishments.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed several variations on the martingale strategy, all of which orbit around the main idea of increasing or decreasing a bet after losing a bet – which used to be a great deal.

The regular martingale system doubles the next bet after a loss is attained. When you win a bet, a new cycle begins. The strength of the strategy is that the player wins the highest bet of the news cycle.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Martingale Betting Strategy


The first advantage is the strategies simplicity, one that can be used by anyone. Unlike counting cards at the blackjack table, it doesn’t require an MIT degree to solve the double basic numbers.

Also, the strategy should always work in any perfect condition. If the bettor has an infinite bankroll and the sportsbook doesn’t have any wager limit. Theoretically speaking, bettors could lose every bet for the rest of their lives, wasting their fortunes in the process, but that’s mathematically impossible.


The biggest downside to the strategy is the fact that these conditions rarely exist. Most players aren’t able to afford to bankroll the system when the prospective losses peak up to thousands, most especially since you are chasing relatively small profits.

While losing six or seven games in a row might sound unlikely, seasoned sports bettors know it happens continuously. Many casinos have wager limits, and you need to pay close attention to that.